Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sassy Martini

Hi. Im busy. Im alive. Apologies.
Life has been unacceptable lately.
In good and bad ways.
If you are wondering if good and unacceptable are possible at the same time....they are.
Ill be back to good posts soon.
promise :)

Im with Daphne. She likes giraffes as much as me.

Therefore we shall call her "Sassy Martini"....get it? no?  good. thats the way its supposed to be.
Go have a martini with "Marti"and you'll see why.

Loves her!

(Lindsey dont be jealous...ok be jealous)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Brother!!!

I have been a terrible sister recently. I havent spoken to my brother, like really really spoken to him, in too long.

He comes home in a couple weeks and i... cant....wait!!!

Looking at these picture makes me so completely happy it makes my busier than life day tomorrow another day I look forward to, because it is another day closer to seeing my brother. 

i miss him and his goober self.

British Rockstars

Hopefully you are familiar with the Parisian Love- Google commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.
If you aren't watch it here.

I just made my own Search Story and it was probably the highlight of my week. Many of you know my British Rockstar band friends, Paper Planes, and if you don't, you need to go check them out because they are amazing. 

When I first met the gentlemen of Paper Planes they were bolting around town pulling all kind of tricks under the name of Lecorum. A bass player change and 18 months later they are now known as Paper Planes.

 Here is a little Search Story of Lecorum + la beast starting September 2008 and ending.........????

Now wasn't that just fantastic?

If you are interested in the full story click here