Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

{photo by me in NYC Aug 09}

I'll be bolting around like celebrities with the Tiny Dancers tonight.
+ Chico and the karaoke cab

Please be safe!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TB's new ride!

TB got her new chair today!
My beautiful 17 year old cousin was in a horrible accident last August that left her paralyzed from the waist down. 
She is doing much better! Her back brace has been off for a couple weeks now and after 4 months she is starting to get her new routine down. 
TB could still use our prayers though. 
She is in high spirits but
Emotionally and physically. 
Its just a tough time. 

Thanks in advance! 
and check out her new CUSTOMIZED RIDE!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I've been keeping something from you

Im running a half marathon!
I said it.
 It just bursted out there.

I've been holding it in knowing that once I say it..there's no going back. I guess now is a good time for me to say it because it gives me enough time to train. Over the break I have been running everyday finally building my stamina back to where it was this summer when I was a workout queen. The half marathon will be in Austin, Feb 14th one year EXACTLY from the day I moved here. Running this will be a celebration of all I have overcome and how much I have grown as an independent woman in the past year. Im REALLY excited...but EXTREMELY nervous. Over 13 miles? What was I thinking? I can run 4 at the moment..and then I get bored. Quick! I need new ideas on how to keep my attention while running for 2 hours. Im thinking of downloading some comedians onto my ipod so Im laughing the whole way. maybe? maybe?

But then again, the Nsync station on Pandora really helped yesterday. It graced me with some classic Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, a little Boyz 2 Men...and....Carrie Underwood? Which then spun my mind off in a whole new direction. I realized how much I want to be her. Well, maybe only when she sings Cowboy Casanova.

Here's the thing. You cant deny it. We have all wondered what it would feel like to be up on stage bouncing around like a rockstar. If you say're lying.

Well yesterday I was a country star! up on stage with my cowboy boots, with long blonde celebrity style hair, and I might have made myself 10 pounds lighter. I was stomping around to fit the beat of the song, clapping with my microphone during the instrumental parts, dancing and whipping my hair around. maybe I pointed to the fans in the crowd. All I know, was this circus in my head was fantastic and I didn't want it to end. To bad you cant repeat the song on Pandora :(

Here is the song just incase you live in a cave...or England and don't know what country music is

{by the way the actual lyrics to the song have nothing to do with why I want to sing it. Dont read to deep into this ;) }

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tiny Dancers and the Spazmatics

Some of the Tiny Dancers and I went to see the 80's cover band, Spazmatics, Saturday. We had a blast rocking like rockstars all night. 

But the best part of the night was Chico and his KARAOKE CAB
What? those exists? 
It was glorious and I vow never take a regular cab again. Don't fret homeslice, we already booked him for NYE.

Chico had his own microphone and sang the back up vocals. 
I would have video footage to prove this greatness....but then I dropped my iphone in water. 
$200 repair aka new iphone.

Sharpie ad?

Remember when I went to visit Brother back in October? 
Well, he hired me on as free help for his project! Brother attends the state of the art, Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. He is too talented for his own good and his website is finally complete!

Check out his project here 
(or if you want to go straight to the part where Im a superstar click here)

Check out his personal, very cool, artistic website here

and finally his blog here

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home :)

I love coming home to this adorable cottage.
I can't wait to own a quaint home like this one.
Props to the parentals for making it the most adorable home on the block

Friday, December 25, 2009

Best gift I've ever given

I’m not trying to brag...but Brother and I reached ultimate success with our parents Christmas gift this year!!
The goal....
to make them cry...
and we were all pouring like babies.

As you may know, I have a small interest to be a videographer and have a side job creating wedding videos. My parents always said over the years how they wished they could get their VHS wedding video turned digital and put to music.

My parents’ 25th anniversary was back in September. This summer, I stole the video and enquired the help of my ever-talented brother. With a full time job and two other wedding videos to edit I shipped the video off to Florida where brother turned it digital and edited it. We hoped to have the remade video ready when brother and I surprised them for their anniversary party but, unfortunately, we couldn’t get it done in time.

Please don't mind the warping from the original tape

I wish you could see their faces as they watched it :)

Isn't my father so handsome? and my mother breathtaking?

White Christmas

I took this picture just as the snow was beginning to fall yesterday. It stuck overnight and this morning we woke to a wonderful Christmas surprise of a thin blanket of white shimmering the streets. Texas rarely sees snow and if it does the snow won't make its way down south until the colder months of January and February. The day before Christmas Eve I was running by the lake in shorts and a tank top in a refreshing 70 degree sun for petes sake! Hours later the temperature drops to the 20's and snowing. 
I live in a weird place. 

Needless to say, this record breaking snow storm covering most of the Great Plains trampled on our travel plans to Oklahoma today. I wont be visiting the farm until later in the week :( but the snow did allow for our rear ends to become numb beyond feeling in the fantastic, 3 hour long, Avatar flick today. 

My Christmas was blessed and perfect. Brother and I made the parentals cry with the surprise gift we gave them :) :)

I hope your Christmas was MERRY!
Joy to the world

with love,
la beast

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve


from brother and I when we were little tots

Ima Domestic! First Name: Ima Last Name: Domestic

Meet Miss Domestic. Thats me! I spent hours (maybe one) in the kitchen yesterday being a domestic and baking yummy good things! It was a lot more enjoyable than normal...

and heres why
1. Christmas music was playing
2. Brother pretended to help
3. I was baking for other people (my high school lovelies)
4. I knew the dishwasher would clean up my mess 

So I made cupcakes and on one of them I decided to put a marshmallow snowman on top. Then I realized it could be taken as I stopped at one. But I was proud of my creativity!

{Brother thinks its funny to zoom in so close}

"La Naomi" enjoys cupcakes too!
"La Naomi" is my creative and artsy friend. I am in constant awe of her talents and cherish everything about our friendship. We also share a love for Diana cameras, red lipstick and bolting around like celebrities with an unspoken understanding that we clearly...are not...celebrities. But we like to pretend we are :)

The most wonderful time of the year

Annually my girls from high school (the tiny dancers) get together for a gift exchange. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. I love these beautiful ladies. Aren't they just stunning?

Katelyn and Sterlyn, we missed you!

Then we went to The Gingerman pub and Brother came!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paper Planes new Demos

La Rockstar and his band Paper Planes put up two new demos, which I LOVE

If you find your foot tapping along as well then head on over to facebook and become a fan. 

la Gentleman + Burgers

"La Gentleman" took me for burgers last night. It was SO tasty. Probably my favorite burger this far....but I say that everytime. I usually dont put mayonaise on my burgers but this time I kept the burger as is, and I was pleasantly surprised. I should do that more often.
Then we went to celebrate "La roommate's" (who is angry her nickname is only la roommate) 24th birthday! I put her present in a Jonas Brother bag.

Did I mention "la gentleman" is also "la funny"?
the people at the party thought so too

Oh yeah...Brother has a girlfriend. Weird. The last time he liked a girl enough to make her is girlfriend, I was in high school, and so was he. She must be somethin'-Can't WAIT to meet her!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


{prom senior year}
Today I got to spend some quality alone time with the bestie. Since we are both sisterless we act are each other's stand ins. We fight all the time (not as much as we used to) we answer each others late night tearful calls, we are by each other side forever and always. She sticks up for me and I stick up for her (she's better at it than me). Either way, living so far from her is hard and especially now that she has a man taking up her much coveted time.
We went shopping and laughed and talked and I miss that.
Sadly we never do anything exciting enough to picture so I went for a throwback...all the way from 2004. And can I just throw it out there...I still look like a little girl. Enjoy the youthful , pre college, pre adulthood corruption where all we had to worry about was what dress I would be wearing to prom... and maybe who was going to win wittiest boy and girl in the entire school later that night at the dance
She won.
....along with my date
Im surrounded by hilarious people

Monday, December 21, 2009

Shannon-i like her

I got to see Shannon last night! She was being important and working at her important job but I brought her dinner and she let me sit behind the important desk and play with the important things.

This is just a silly non important video...
Calm down! Its nothing too exciting.

iphone with video= genius+ extremely dangerous
Im going to get myself into trouble but expect more pointless videos. :)

I AM :)....almost

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home for the Holidays

{picture taken on our visit to brother in October}
I never thought last week would end! My goodness. The break is here and I am ready to soak up all 2 weeks of it.  But I must say the best part of the break is having all four of us in the same house. Brother hasn't been home since summer and we haven't all been in the same house at the same time since probably this time last year.
The not best part is my parents turning my room into a workout room. I get the couch. I honestly don't mind because it is the comfiest couch ever made. Anyone who has sat on it can attest to it.

I love the 5 days leading up to Christmas. It is filled with so much activity. Parties, coffee dates (or lets be chocolate in my case) with old friends. Christmas shopping. I just LOVE it.

Enjoy this time with your family and friends

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear male species,

I understand you have a fascination with long hair.  I get that. But really, there are things you DONT understand about long hair. 

1. Its hot.
Like the temperature. Not that once it hits a certain length it starts burning your hands but just having that extra hair is like a personal scarf. Its annoying.

2. Its heavy
Especially when pulled into a pony. Gravity tugging at the extra ounceage of hair leaves aches on the head. The only remedy to the headaches is to leave the hair down. See #5

3. It's time consuming
Thank goodness my hair is relatively easy. I can get by with a 5 minute blow dry. But if we are talking about the kind of hair you men like....."the sexy kind".... it takes way longer. 

4. Shampoo/Conditioner consumption
It takes more than a regular dollop. Nuff said.

5. Its always in the way.
 while putting on a jacket, while working out, while riding in a convertible, eating in a windy place, while cuddling. All of these examples are slightly hindered by the act of moving long hair out of the way. 

So even though ALL of my male friends have tried their very hardest to convince me not to cut my hair for over a I did it. I will not apologize... because guess what...I just got 10 degrees cooler the very second the first clip was made, I feel light as a feather, I spent 5 minutes on my hair today and I was able to eat bothered free in a windy place. 

And if you are still uneasy about my sudden rash decision let me tell you this, good men.... hair grows back and Ill be back to sexy before you know it. Until then I will gladly prance around with my weightless locks.

 a "6 inch-less " Taylor

also judge me all you want on my creepy myspace-esque picture. 

Monday, December 14, 2009

In no particular order

If I could choose ANYTHING  in the whole wide world and put it on a Christmas list, aside from eating cheeseburgers while riding camels with my adopted British children I think I have come up with a pretty nifty list (in no particular order).
 Check it out.

{urban outfitters}

1. I am really trying to be a little more domestic. For example I baked a cake today. HA! can you believe it? My lazy self got up and baked a cake! No! it wasn't made from scratch! I knew exactly what you were thinking.. Please! Dont get it twisted. Im still in the beginner stages. And yes, that cake was for someone else.
But with this portable beauty I can put my creative talents to use and make the things I see instead of spend fortunes buying them. Look at that recessionista in me!

{urban outfitters}

2. Because I also wish I was born into Beatlemania I sometimes pretend I lived back then. I have a collection (small) of records that are best being used for their art on my walls at the moment. I would love to listen to their soulful sound by playing them on this turn table. Apparently lots of people want to be like me because they are coming back into style.

3. I have a really hard time buying software for myself. I have an excellent computer. Haven't had any issues with it. It is consistent and reliable and I am content. But sometimes I can't help but dream of something more. Like the most up to date software for all of my editing needs. If Santa buys it for me instead I cant really picture myself declining such a generous offer.

4. Ok. Lets talk Glee. I dont know whose GRAND idea it was to take a 4 month hiatus but "la roommate" and I are a tiny bit vexed with who ever made the call. I also don't know whose GRANDER idea it was to release part 1 of season 1 on DVD AFTER Christmas on 12.29.09 but I guess beggars cant be choosers. Count on me gleefully practicing all musical numbers in the comfort of my own living room until April 13, 2010. I call MERCEDES! (except the episode Rachel gets with Puck, then I call playing Rachel)

{urban outfitters}

5. Two birds with one stone. It plays my music loud enough for me to not hear my horrendous singing voice. If ONLY it was anywhere close to the soul of  black womans (Mercedes from Glee would work). Hey there! Im not racist just extremely envious..... AND it makes my shelves look attractive. They could use some lovin'.

6. This dress from Anthropologie would stretch my grin from ear to ear. It might even make me want to be more domestic. You know... maybe cook in the kitchen with an apron on, clip fresh flowers from my non existent garden, VACCUM, or even  whip curtains and doilies out left and right with my new sewing machine. If you're lucky I might even sport a bun.

7. Yes please! Ill take this piece of art by John W Golden. Actually any of his lunastrella series would warm the cockles of my heart.

8. I told mom I wanted money for a BritRail pass for my trip to England this summer. She said no. She refuses to spend money on something that will take me away from her. A girl can only dream. This could be a deciding factor on if I can go. These things are EXPENSIVE. June 2, 2010 is the date. Patience and diligence, Ms Terry, you can do it.

9. Lastly I think I would probably, no this is a for sure thing, I WOULD actually cry if I could recover my hard drive. Tears would  stream RIVER down my face (did i really use river as a verb) if I could see my precious memories again.
Im not gonna promise anything, but I might cry so hard I do the awkward hyperventilate thing thats just uncomfortable for anyone with in 100 yards of the crier.
I yearn for the last clips of my grandmother from summer 09. Pictures of my college graduation as I am walking the stage. Adventures from my month in Italy. The sentimentally sweet video my English students made me where they each went around the room and told me how much they love and miss me. Any proof that I actually went on my dream vacation to the deserts of Egypt. Unseen and untouched footage from England.

Some may say "Oh but Taylor, you will always have those memories in your heart and mind" Let me explain. I have the memory of a goldfish. It is unpredictably selective and it bothers me to no end what I remember and what I don't. I try really hard to work on this but my lack of ability to remember things is why I have a video camera.

If only it didnt cost $2000. It may take me a while but I'll get them back. And you'll know when because you could compare a strange donkey noise to my hyperventilation.

{sorry the post is 100 years long. Thats what happens when I dont post frequently}

Sunday, December 13, 2009

John 1:14

Taking a break from editing....

I was so excited to go to church this morning. Probably because using Christmas songs for worship is one of my favorite things ever. Breakaway in College Station would have a "Worship Only" service the Tuesday before Christmas break and we would sing all of my favorite Christmas songs.

Well, at Austin Stone (my church) we sang my top 3 favorite Christmas songs three weekends in a row now. I love it. I get so emotional. Today, "La roommate" and I started to tear up a bit when the church sang O Holy Night. It was indescribably beautiful.

My favorite songs in order..
1. O Come all Ye Faithful
2. Joy to the World
3. O Holy Night

The sermon engulfed the meaning of Christmas today. Yes.. Jesus is the Reason for the season {buy bumber sticker here} but do we all really understand how significant His birth really was?

I will do my best to capture Matt Carters words. {the sermon will be posted here soon}

God had been silent for 400 years before the birth of Jesus. Generations after generations were left wondering where God was. Before Jesus, only one man a year, the high priest, could even get near God in the Tabernacle.

John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"

But John 1:14 says this about His birth
"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."

The Word became flesh. He came as man. We could see Him with our own eyes, talk to Him with our own mouths and touch Him with our own hands. Our Savior was born but so were personal relationships with the Lord, Emmanuel, God with us.

No longer is there a wall between us

Christmas is near! O Come let us adore Him!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I apologize...

Ive been a terrible blogger lately. I promise I havent forgotten about my loyal readers I have just been extremely busy in a non exciting life recently. Thus no exciting blog posts.

I also am working hard on a wedding video with the deadline due next week so once that is done I will be a free woman!

So for now enjoy the Youtube clip I found about the Nitrogen Cycle! (sarcastic- kind of) The cartoon is actually kind of funny and makes the Nitrogen Cycle more entertaining.

The kids liked it.

Field trip tomorrow. Recycling Center. Wahoo.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jenny Pham Pham

I adore my friends. All of them. Especially this girl.
She came to Austin for a visit....all the way from NYC.
Remember when I went to visit her in August here

We had a great time downtown last night, eating gourmet grilled cheese from Chedds (my NEWEST favorite thing)  and vintage shopping. We also went to see the Blind Side...which I knew was going to be a tear jerker. I feel like it is appropriate time to express my strong urge to foster a child. I have wanted to (years from now ofcourse) for a while now and this movie only wanted me to do it more. Such an incredible movie. See it!

Friday, December 4, 2009

sNOw go

It SNOWED in Austin today....for like 7.5 seconds. Well not actually...but if you blinked you could have missed it. It was so refreshing to see the amount of joy in the childrens faces. Some have never seen snow before. It was cute to see them so excited. Last time Austin saw an inch of snow was 6 or 7 years ago...and the time before that was 1985! This, of course, is Texas and snow doesn't stick so snowmen were a no go.

"La roommate" and I (dont think if Ive mentioned that we work together..oops) snuck out to steal a picture and frolic in the "snow".

Do not mistake the snowflakes for dandruff

you can see a teeeeeeeny tiiiiiiny bit on the jacket

It also made listening to Christmas music feel a little more natural. I havent been able to get in the spirit yet this season despite my daily dose of hot chocolate. Maybe I need to drink them in a Starbucks red cup.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ecosystems in a box

This is what ecosystems in Ms Terry's world look like.
The students asked me why I gave them naked mohawked baby dolls in their ecosystem box.
Guess they have never seen a troll before.

OH OH OH......aaaaaand "la fish n chips" wrote me a story!!!

Im off to work out. maybe sexy mike will be working to keep me motivated

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Drummer Boiiii


Check out new videos from this talented boy

and this one is another one of my favorites.

Check out his other 12735 drum videos on You Tube here

{cant decide on his nickname}

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy List

Lauren tagged me to do a happy list.

Very difficult to condense my choices but here goes.

Things that make me
totally, completely, undeniably happy

1. Talking in British accents
I don' t claim to be the best impersonator but I love speaking in my desired accent anytime, anywhere. Especially in the most inappropriate places

2. Surprising people

I love making people feel like a million dollars. Birthdays especially- more than likely I have yours memorized and you don't even know it :)

3. Live music

Which is why I live in the "live music capital of the world". Austin, Texas. love. it. I especially enjoy good covers and discovering new artists.

4. A good eraser
Nothing feels better than erasing pencil (preferably mechanical) with a giant pink eraser. It gets the job done and it feels so good not to have any gross old eraser streaks.

5. New mascara
I cant wait to buy new mascara. The freshness makes my eyelashes go from flop to pop and makes me feel beautiful! ...which of course is a necessity. I think I have 7 different mascara tubes in my possession at the moment. shhhhhhh

6. Hot chocolate while wearing a scarf
I just have an obsession

7. Sundays
Church + Pandora Radio + Anthropologie candles + Cleaning + Cowboys game+ friend updates+ NOT doing any work
= a VERY happy Taylor

8. Musicals
Secretly I pretend that I am in one...everyday

9. Not having to wake up to an alarm.
Simple as that. I also love my bed. It is dreamy.

10. My students
....Without sounding too cliche. My students can drive me nuts but they also make me completely undeniably happy. They are so funny, thoughtful and loving. I don't deserve them one bit but I absolutely adore them and their creative minds. Unexpected hugs are my favorite.

11. Traveling
Can I add one more? Traveling has yet to wear on me. Checking in at the airport makes me happy. Airport crowds make me happy. Walking down the breezeway to the airplane makes me happy. Taking off and landing in the airplane makes me happy. Seeing things I have never seen before makes me happy. Spending money on life long memories, makes me happy.

That was a little tough deciding. Maybe Ill do a weekly post adding to my happy list.

But for now the thing making me MOST happy is that at 3:30 tomorrow my Thanksgiving Break begins. My favorite holiday and first up on the list is back to Dallas for dinner with "la Gentleman" whom I haven't seen in months. Horray!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

BLOG URL change

Monday I will be changing my URL to "" I am changing it for security reasons slash so it wont come up when my students google my name. I haven't had any reports of it yet but I don't want to...better to be safe then sorry.

So change your BOOKMARKS

Happy 1/2 Birthday to me!

Yesterday was the worst day of school this far. I wont get into details..but I wanted to cry. The BEST thing about yesterday was of course my 3rd period ("la fish n chips class"). They asked me a while ago when my birthday was and secretly planned my 1/2 birthday party yesterday. They made me 1/2 of a birthday card and sang me 1/2 of a birthday song. Get excited because the card was of 1/2 of Ed Westwicks face. And just incase you dont know who he is a full Ed Westwick face......mmmmmmmmm.... dreamy

Have I mentioned lately how fantastic my kids are?!?!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smith Wedding Preview

Rough edit.
Sorry for the poor quality.
Also...for all of you Serengeti followers, I am in the process of changing the URL to my blog.  I will give you fair warning so you can change your bookmarks. Just fyi- it will be in the near future.

Thanks for reading! :)


Reeeeeeeeeeeallly missing this kid right now. My college roommate and bestie. Its wierd not having her around eating corn or Ritz crackers for every meal. This girl is the funniest person I know and doesnt even have to try. (thats supposed to be a compliment...doesnt sound like one though)

No words can express how much I love her.

Dearest Natalie Joy, 
I miss our dance parties and your obsession with ice cream and the weird way you ate it. I miss your hilarious fantasies, esp about Matt Wertz.  I miss teaching you how to give a backrub (thanks to Billzzz) because secretly (well... maybe not too secretly) I just wanted you to practice on my shoulders. I miss how we could sit at our desks in separate rooms but it felt like we were sitting right next to each other (TANCD house). I miss our creaky loft where we slept in a row at the sorority house. I miss singing in the shower at the top of my lungs and you finishing my verses from the other room.

GAHHHHHHHH i miss you!

Oh and that lovely picture of us was taken before our sorority's Nerd Date Partyin 2007.
Werent we HOT?!?!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aggie Bonfire

Remembering the Aggie Bonfire. 10 years later.

Read about it here or watch a video about it here

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

just a teeny tiny bit sad faced lately

So Ive been feeling a little (understatement) sad faced lately. Last week my external hard drive (my back-up) broke and I lost everything.
All my pictures, all my video clips, and some the wedding footage of the wedding I was working on. There IS a SLIGHT chance of recovery but not with out the hefty fee that is waaaaay too much to admit. I have even been working overtime to save money for my trip back to England this summer.


It also didn't help that the lady I talked to on the phone was from ENGLAND  convincing me, unknowingly, with every word she spoke that I have to get my unseen England footage back.

So as you know, British accents make me happy and today my kids played right along. We were playing an interactive computer game that I made prior and had to record audio for. Of course I recorded it in my British accent so it did make my day better to hear British computer recordings of "abiotic" and "biotic" and then my sweet little 12 year olds trying to mimic it. I love them.

i want you

Remember this?

 yeah me too!

Im not kidding when I say I dream of this cup of hot chocolate. I found this liquid heaven, this time last year when I was in Wales. This picture is still the background of my iphone. Nothing has come even close to replacing it.

Just thought Id make your mouth water as well ;)

I also think this song is flirty. Jason Castro! Gig EM!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Shannon!

This weekend I will be home in Dallas celebrating her special day with this young lady. 

Happy Birthday Shannon! looooooove you!

Get excited cause...I am replacing my 1st generation iphone this weekend after 2 years of service. I am also trying not to think about all of my electronic memories that have been erased off of my external hard drive. That includes every picture I have ever taken, video footage (both trips abroad and wedding footage especially of the one I am working on now) and all important work information. 
(which is why I am not thrilled about the picture choice on this post but its the only pic I could find of the both of us.


Aggie Ring...bling bling!

Today was the day college students at Texas A&M University long for. The day they spend 4 years "studying" countless hours for. The tradition known as Ring Day. (Read about the tradition here)
Only three times a year is there an opportunity for you to squeeze your way into tiny overcrowded rooms with way too many cameras and wait patiently for a chunk of gold which, depending on how you order it (Natalie), may or may not actually fit your finger. I didn't know I would fall in love with my ring the first time I put it on my finger. No other ring before me had ever shined so brightly and no ring after me ever will

Following Aggie Traditions it is expected that a "dunk" will follow. That a group of friends getting their rings will each "dunk" their brand new pieces of gold into a pitcher of beer, chugging all of it leaving only the solid, precious metal as a prize in their grinning smile. A timed competition of course. 

Well today is Megan and Ashley's Ring Dunk and due to unfortunate circumstances I was not able to drive the beautiful 2 hrs to College Station to surprise them!  So alas, a blog post must suffice.

{Photo kindly stolen from their facebook}

Ashley and Megan are twins and are the most genuinely beautiful people I have ever met. I mean that. Not only are they stunning (hello- check out those smiles) they are generous, kind, hilarious and giving. I absolutely adore these two ladies and they don't know this but I secretly want to be them :)
God was right to make two of these inspirational people in this world. I only wish I could be around them more. 

GOOD LUCK you two, my DG sisters and CONGRATULATIONS on a successful college career!
I love you two very much.

Below are pictures of my Aggie Ring day September 21 2007

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas came early

Just hear those sleigh bells ringing

{click here for photo credit}
I must have been a good girl because Christmas came early!

I have begun my countdown until Thanksgiving break and this morning it felt like a hundred years away.
I have mentioned before my current exhaustion level but today I was rejuvenated when my Christmas present came early.
No, it wasn't a golden retriever puppy in my stocking with a big red bow, it wasn't even a two seater go-cart either. What presented itself during the early moments of third period surpasses them all. 

I was lounging in my red, comfy desk chair, nose in my planner as the students silently came in the dimmed classroom and began their daily routine.  I was lost in my lessons for next week when I heard an angelic little voice whispering softly, calling my attention. I look up to a seraphic smile complimented by his charming faint freckles. 

"Pardon me Miss, but I am a new student and am not quite sure where to sit". 
His voice was so soft, that I didn't even notice it at first....the way he was talking. It was different.

Before I said a word I look behind my new gift from God at all of my other lovelies who were silently staring at me..on the edge of their seat... awaiting my reaction. They had already met my new Christmas present, "la fish n chips", in all their other classes and had made bets on how I would respond to his greatness. 

With the biggest grin on my face I look back at him and ask the rhetorical question
"I'm sorry, but is that a BRITISH accent I hear?"

"Yes ma'am, my name is "la fish n chips" and today is my first day. Where can I sit?"

Right next to me. always. and you can follow me around and repeat everything I say in a British accent if you'd like.

"Yes, This is Tom. Tom, will you take "la fish n chips" to the empty seat next to you and get him caught up on the warm up?"
He turns around and I stand in shock that out of all the teachers in the school... I get him! I will wake up in the morning excited to hear a real live British accent that does NOT include Kat Deely on So You Think You Can Dance on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Just when I was at the lowest of my exhaustion Santa brought me something to cheer me up, to make my day, to get me even more excited about going to work. 

Like I said, I must have been a good girl

And I must include how much fun my roommate and I have coming up with the nicknames for the blog. "la fish n chips" won by a close margin with "la Brit" and "la beefeater" coming in at a close second and third. "la gross teeth" was a thought but didn't win because he infact does not have gross teeth.