Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ima Domestic! First Name: Ima Last Name: Domestic

Meet Miss Domestic. Thats me! I spent hours (maybe one) in the kitchen yesterday being a domestic and baking yummy good things! It was a lot more enjoyable than normal...

and heres why
1. Christmas music was playing
2. Brother pretended to help
3. I was baking for other people (my high school lovelies)
4. I knew the dishwasher would clean up my mess 

So I made cupcakes and on one of them I decided to put a marshmallow snowman on top. Then I realized it could be taken as I stopped at one. But I was proud of my creativity!

{Brother thinks its funny to zoom in so close}

"La Naomi" enjoys cupcakes too!
"La Naomi" is my creative and artsy friend. I am in constant awe of her talents and cherish everything about our friendship. We also share a love for Diana cameras, red lipstick and bolting around like celebrities with an unspoken understanding that we clearly...are not...celebrities. But we like to pretend we are :)

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Katie said...

Oh my gosh, I got a blog post AND a nickname!