Friday, December 4, 2009

sNOw go

It SNOWED in Austin today....for like 7.5 seconds. Well not actually...but if you blinked you could have missed it. It was so refreshing to see the amount of joy in the childrens faces. Some have never seen snow before. It was cute to see them so excited. Last time Austin saw an inch of snow was 6 or 7 years ago...and the time before that was 1985! This, of course, is Texas and snow doesn't stick so snowmen were a no go.

"La roommate" and I (dont think if Ive mentioned that we work together..oops) snuck out to steal a picture and frolic in the "snow".

Do not mistake the snowflakes for dandruff

you can see a teeeeeeeny tiiiiiiny bit on the jacket

It also made listening to Christmas music feel a little more natural. I havent been able to get in the spirit yet this season despite my daily dose of hot chocolate. Maybe I need to drink them in a Starbucks red cup.

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