Friday, December 25, 2009

Best gift I've ever given

I’m not trying to brag...but Brother and I reached ultimate success with our parents Christmas gift this year!!
The goal....
to make them cry...
and we were all pouring like babies.

As you may know, I have a small interest to be a videographer and have a side job creating wedding videos. My parents always said over the years how they wished they could get their VHS wedding video turned digital and put to music.

My parents’ 25th anniversary was back in September. This summer, I stole the video and enquired the help of my ever-talented brother. With a full time job and two other wedding videos to edit I shipped the video off to Florida where brother turned it digital and edited it. We hoped to have the remade video ready when brother and I surprised them for their anniversary party but, unfortunately, we couldn’t get it done in time.

Please don't mind the warping from the original tape

I wish you could see their faces as they watched it :)

Isn't my father so handsome? and my mother breathtaking?

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