Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas

I took this picture just as the snow was beginning to fall yesterday. It stuck overnight and this morning we woke to a wonderful Christmas surprise of a thin blanket of white shimmering the streets. Texas rarely sees snow and if it does the snow won't make its way down south until the colder months of January and February. The day before Christmas Eve I was running by the lake in shorts and a tank top in a refreshing 70 degree sun for petes sake! Hours later the temperature drops to the 20's and snowing. 
I live in a weird place. 

Needless to say, this record breaking snow storm covering most of the Great Plains trampled on our travel plans to Oklahoma today. I wont be visiting the farm until later in the week :( but the snow did allow for our rear ends to become numb beyond feeling in the fantastic, 3 hour long, Avatar flick today. 

My Christmas was blessed and perfect. Brother and I made the parentals cry with the surprise gift we gave them :) :)

I hope your Christmas was MERRY!
Joy to the world

with love,
la beast

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