Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear male species,

I understand you have a fascination with long hair.  I get that. But really, there are things you DONT understand about long hair. 

1. Its hot.
Like the temperature. Not that once it hits a certain length it starts burning your hands but just having that extra hair is like a personal scarf. Its annoying.

2. Its heavy
Especially when pulled into a pony. Gravity tugging at the extra ounceage of hair leaves aches on the head. The only remedy to the headaches is to leave the hair down. See #5

3. It's time consuming
Thank goodness my hair is relatively easy. I can get by with a 5 minute blow dry. But if we are talking about the kind of hair you men like....."the sexy kind".... it takes way longer. 

4. Shampoo/Conditioner consumption
It takes more than a regular dollop. Nuff said.

5. Its always in the way.
 while putting on a jacket, while working out, while riding in a convertible, eating in a windy place, while cuddling. All of these examples are slightly hindered by the act of moving long hair out of the way. 

So even though ALL of my male friends have tried their very hardest to convince me not to cut my hair for over a I did it. I will not apologize... because guess what...I just got 10 degrees cooler the very second the first clip was made, I feel light as a feather, I spent 5 minutes on my hair today and I was able to eat bothered free in a windy place. 

And if you are still uneasy about my sudden rash decision let me tell you this, good men.... hair grows back and Ill be back to sexy before you know it. Until then I will gladly prance around with my weightless locks.

 a "6 inch-less " Taylor

also judge me all you want on my creepy myspace-esque picture. 

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