Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I've been keeping something from you

Im running a half marathon!
I said it.
 It just bursted out there.

I've been holding it in knowing that once I say it..there's no going back. I guess now is a good time for me to say it because it gives me enough time to train. Over the break I have been running everyday finally building my stamina back to where it was this summer when I was a workout queen. The half marathon will be in Austin, Feb 14th one year EXACTLY from the day I moved here. Running this will be a celebration of all I have overcome and how much I have grown as an independent woman in the past year. Im REALLY excited...but EXTREMELY nervous. Over 13 miles? What was I thinking? I can run 4 at the moment..and then I get bored. Quick! I need new ideas on how to keep my attention while running for 2 hours. Im thinking of downloading some comedians onto my ipod so Im laughing the whole way. maybe? maybe?

But then again, the Nsync station on Pandora really helped yesterday. It graced me with some classic Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, a little Boyz 2 Men...and....Carrie Underwood? Which then spun my mind off in a whole new direction. I realized how much I want to be her. Well, maybe only when she sings Cowboy Casanova.

Here's the thing. You cant deny it. We have all wondered what it would feel like to be up on stage bouncing around like a rockstar. If you say no..you're lying.

Well yesterday I was a country star! up on stage with my cowboy boots, with long blonde celebrity style hair, and I might have made myself 10 pounds lighter. I was stomping around to fit the beat of the song, clapping with my microphone during the instrumental parts, dancing and whipping my hair around. maybe I pointed to the fans in the crowd. All I know, was this circus in my head was fantastic and I didn't want it to end. To bad you cant repeat the song on Pandora :(

Here is the song just incase you live in a cave...or England and don't know what country music is

{by the way the actual lyrics to the song have nothing to do with why I want to sing it. Dont read to deep into this ;) }

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Yay for celebrations of all we have been through! Mine will be in March! and I LOVE that song!