Friday, January 28, 2011


Thanks to Abra, this song and video is my new musical obsession. 
Check. Her. Out

I wish I could sing with as much sass and soul as Adele. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Im not a girl who needs to celebrate Valentines Day and Im not the girl who gets offended when Valentines Day is celebrated. I dont pout in my room if I dont have a guy but I dont go out to find one either. I guess you could say my opinion lies on "indifferent". To me, its just any other day.
But I couldnt help myself when I saw this creative Valentines Day gift when browsing the internet.

I cant stop thinking about it

This beauty then inspired me to search more DIY/creative Valentines Day decorations/gifts.
I could spend HOURS on poppytalk (thanks Kelly) and though you would like it too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Im unoffically diagnosing my allergy to tomatoes. 
At first you might think..."oh! no big deal! So you take the tomato off your what?" Wrong. BIG DEAL. My friend Lindsey always says "big problem or little problem?" Well I think you'd probably agree that along with world hunger, orphans and poverty you could find "Taylor's allergy to a red shiny vegetable (or is this one a fruit? #cantkeepemstraight)" in the same category. ;)

The thing is...I don't even LOVE tomatoes. But I do LOVE it when its squished up, mashed, and pasted into other foods. Lets just remind ourselves of life's staples that would include such a beautiful yet destructive veggie/fruit.

1. Tomato Soup
    Thought I'd start with the obvious. No, I don't eat (drink?) soup that often but when I do...I choose a good hearty soup that soothes my soul. No more will I be calling on Campbell's for my soup appetite.

2. Spaghetti/ Spaghetti Sauce
    This food was made for the lazy and hungry, which both I just so happen to be. Ill go ahead and throw in lasagna and ravioli into this category also. If you haven't checked your calendar recently..its winter and all of these are a must in this frigid weather.

3. Pizza
  Yes, this is its own category. This food group is so important to me that I will endure my allergic reaction just for the satisfaction of my pineapple and pepperoni crave. The worst news about this specific  love of mine is that pizza gives me the WORST allergic reaction of all. :(

4. Salsa
Are you kidding? Im allergic to pizza AND salsa. This is not happening. This is not real life. Im in a dream please wake me up. Pizza AND SALSA?!?! what else is there to eat? broccoli? Thats a joke right?

So next time you bite in to your favorite slice of pizza or twirl your spaghetti around your spoon....think of me and savor every last drop of your tomato based product, because I wont be.  Wahhhhh! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cupcake Toppers

What kind of occassion can I create where I could use THESE cupcake toppers?!?! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super sass +++++

What could be better than bolting around in spring with Pearl Girl-top down...?

Bolting around town in Pearl Girl top down with this bossy number.

Talk about Sassy and Classy! 
Yes please!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I WANT her I WANT HER I WANT HER I WANT HER! Please! I promise Ill be good. You wont have to send me to time-out once, Ill do the dishes and make my bed EVERYDAY. Please can I have this little girl?

Are you who you want to be?


During my "Bolt around England 08" life adventure I fell hard for James Morrison's music. After listening to all of his songs on repeat for the past 2 years they are yet to fall old to my ears. During my time abroad I had just finished college and was daunted/excited by the unknowns.
What? This world is my oyster?
 I remember resting on a bench in Euston Station observing people pass me by kinda like in slow motion. (I dramatize my life and live in slow mo sometimes. If not that, its a musical or Brigitte Jones Diary, or some weird combo of the three.) As I watched I was overwhelmed with confusion and inspiration. 

Confused with where/who/how/what I wanted to be but completely motivated to go find out! During this time I listened to James Morrison's Undiscovered and was moved by this lyric.

"Im not lost, just undiscovered"

So the question to myself would be

Am I now discovered?
Am I who I want to be?

I saw this photo and had to do a self check. Am I who I want to be in my career, in all of my relationships, in my health, and most importantly in my faith?

Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Fire ::: slippers ::: tea ::: a book ::: Norah Jones :::
sounds just about right. Im longing to snuggle up next to a fireplace and get lost in my imagination, lost in past memories and and future plans. A quiet moment without stress of things I should be doing. I need a soothing night of solitude. 

Since I don't have a fireplace of my own, Im admiring these instead.
Which is your favorite?

A Dallas Weekend

Welcome to my life. I have two actually. One in Austin, the other in Dallas. Monday through Friday I am devoted to 12 year olds in Austin and on the weekends I am devoted to...planning my best friends wedding..well among other things. :)

I headed to Dallas last weekend to watch a disappointing Aggie Bowl Game against LSU. Honestly the Ags had no chance at stealing that bowl title because
A.  They were doing so well at the beginning so of course they eff it up. They cant ever just play well the entire game  AND
B. The SEC is just so GOOD. 

We had a good time nonetheless and bolted around McKinney afterward like we owned the place.

I head to Dallas again this weekend to visit my second life for the extended holiday weekend. 
MLK you rock (and thanks for the day off)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hung the Moon

I saw Drew and Ellie Holcomb play with Dave Barnes in Austin last month. She completely captured me as she sang. I was struck by the way she looks at her husband and haven't been able to get this duo off my mind. "Hung the Moon" has been on repeat ever since. Its sweet, simple and real. 

Click below to listen

Monday, January 3, 2011

Friends+Beach= New Year

This year was my favorite New Years Eve of all.
Pearl and I ventured to Galveston for a Girls Weekend. 

I so desperately needed time with some of my bible study ladies.

We were total girls this weekend. No boys or rules allowed. We were in our matching pajamas at 5:30pm, we played the new x-box dance game, had a delicious meal, played beer pong with costumes, chants and game faces, ate junk food, tried to watch aladdin and were asleep by 11:30.  Thats what I call an EXCELLENT New Years Eve. The next day was spent exploring the  charming town of Galveston and of course a photo shoot at the beach. yes. we had to do the jumping picture.

It was wonderful ringing in the year with some of my favorite people.
Wouldn't have had it any other way.

Happy Birthday Alex

The first birthday post of the NEW YEAR goes to my dear friend/former roommate


Shes in to Perez Hilton, has a stellar movie collection, likes cats  and has a ginger boyfriend. 
She's wise, screams a lot at the t.v. and crawls into small spaces.
Shes incredibly beautiful and has an entertaining blog
We have 56 photos together on facebook.

Heres another 
Its not halloween. 
Its the "Around the World" Party we threw in college. 
a HUGE hit. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011


 THE New Year: {Preview}