Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Fire ::: slippers ::: tea ::: a book ::: Norah Jones :::
sounds just about right. Im longing to snuggle up next to a fireplace and get lost in my imagination, lost in past memories and and future plans. A quiet moment without stress of things I should be doing. I need a soothing night of solitude. 

Since I don't have a fireplace of my own, Im admiring these instead.
Which is your favorite?


Alex said...

Aaahhh I want a combo of the last three!!

Erny said...

Definitely the first one! Your idea of a soothing night of solitude sounds perfect!

fireplace shop said...

I agree, your idea of relaxing in front of a fireplace and taking time out to reflect sounds brilliant, unfortunately I haven't got one either but we're saving up! I like the look of the outdoor one with the pumpkin, it'd be nice to curl up under a blanket on a summer's evening and read a book in front of that cosy fireplace, while the sun sets.