Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Im unoffically diagnosing my allergy to tomatoes. 
At first you might think..."oh! no big deal! So you take the tomato off your what?" Wrong. BIG DEAL. My friend Lindsey always says "big problem or little problem?" Well I think you'd probably agree that along with world hunger, orphans and poverty you could find "Taylor's allergy to a red shiny vegetable (or is this one a fruit? #cantkeepemstraight)" in the same category. ;)

The thing is...I don't even LOVE tomatoes. But I do LOVE it when its squished up, mashed, and pasted into other foods. Lets just remind ourselves of life's staples that would include such a beautiful yet destructive veggie/fruit.

1. Tomato Soup
    Thought I'd start with the obvious. No, I don't eat (drink?) soup that often but when I do...I choose a good hearty soup that soothes my soul. No more will I be calling on Campbell's for my soup appetite.

2. Spaghetti/ Spaghetti Sauce
    This food was made for the lazy and hungry, which both I just so happen to be. Ill go ahead and throw in lasagna and ravioli into this category also. If you haven't checked your calendar recently..its winter and all of these are a must in this frigid weather.

3. Pizza
  Yes, this is its own category. This food group is so important to me that I will endure my allergic reaction just for the satisfaction of my pineapple and pepperoni crave. The worst news about this specific  love of mine is that pizza gives me the WORST allergic reaction of all. :(

4. Salsa
Are you kidding? Im allergic to pizza AND salsa. This is not happening. This is not real life. Im in a dream please wake me up. Pizza AND SALSA?!?! what else is there to eat? broccoli? Thats a joke right?

So next time you bite in to your favorite slice of pizza or twirl your spaghetti around your spoon....think of me and savor every last drop of your tomato based product, because I wont be.  Wahhhhh! 

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Caroline Henley said...

whaaaaaaaaaat? this can't be possible... what are your symptoms?? WHAT ABOUT KETCHUP?!