Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are you who you want to be?


During my "Bolt around England 08" life adventure I fell hard for James Morrison's music. After listening to all of his songs on repeat for the past 2 years they are yet to fall old to my ears. During my time abroad I had just finished college and was daunted/excited by the unknowns.
What? This world is my oyster?
 I remember resting on a bench in Euston Station observing people pass me by kinda like in slow motion. (I dramatize my life and live in slow mo sometimes. If not that, its a musical or Brigitte Jones Diary, or some weird combo of the three.) As I watched I was overwhelmed with confusion and inspiration. 

Confused with where/who/how/what I wanted to be but completely motivated to go find out! During this time I listened to James Morrison's Undiscovered and was moved by this lyric.

"Im not lost, just undiscovered"

So the question to myself would be

Am I now discovered?
Am I who I want to be?

I saw this photo and had to do a self check. Am I who I want to be in my career, in all of my relationships, in my health, and most importantly in my faith?

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