Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Dallas Weekend

Welcome to my life. I have two actually. One in Austin, the other in Dallas. Monday through Friday I am devoted to 12 year olds in Austin and on the weekends I am devoted to...planning my best friends wedding..well among other things. :)

I headed to Dallas last weekend to watch a disappointing Aggie Bowl Game against LSU. Honestly the Ags had no chance at stealing that bowl title because
A.  They were doing so well at the beginning so of course they eff it up. They cant ever just play well the entire game  AND
B. The SEC is just so GOOD. 

We had a good time nonetheless and bolted around McKinney afterward like we owned the place.

I head to Dallas again this weekend to visit my second life for the extended holiday weekend. 
MLK you rock (and thanks for the day off)

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Caroline Henley said...

we really need to coordinate so when I'm in Dallas you are too and we can actually hang out!! miss you so much girl!