Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 things I am thinking right now

1. How exhausting it must be to be at the Presidential Address to Congress because everyone in the room stands in ovation to President Obama every 30 SECONDS. Honestly, Im trying to listen, but since I first noticed it I have been subconsciously counting the time between group applause and the standing O. Im exhausted just watching it.

2. I have set off the smoke alarm 3 times in the ONE week of me living on my own. Thanks mom for teaching me how to cook chicken....NOT.

3. I really like my new friend Kelly :)

Hi. We are awkward in every way and we like each other anyway

I love 6th graders. I love how curious they are. I love how defiant they try to be and I love how so uncomfortably AWKWARD they are. Maybe its because of my overwhelmingly awkward tendencies that I am drawn to this age group. I think I thrive off awkward situations. 

I have two six graders who are CLEARLY in love.  They ooo and ahh at whatever the other one says, giggle and whisper sweet nothings into each others ears.

Well today I was standing behind them while they were working in the computer lab and I got a little glimpse as to what those sweet nothings are.

"Mark" is drawing on himself with a sharpie (because they all do) and "Mary" is scrolling up and down on her computer screen pretending to read about non renewable resources. 

She begins scrolling quicker and tapping her foot obviously anxious about something. 
Finally she bursts "I straightened my hair today!"

Mark continues drawing on his arm, oblivious that his Juliet is speaking to him.

"MARK! I straightened my hair!"

"Oh" Mark looks up. "Why would you do that?"

Taken back, Mary doesn't know what to do. She gave a look of expression as if they had potentially had a previous discussion about how she may or may not straighten her hair. I kind of viewed the previous conversation going like this probably about a month prior.

Mary: I wish I had straight hair.
Mark: Yeah I like straight hair.

And HOW could he NOT remember?!?! Oh wait, maybe because he is 11. 

She eventually comes up with an excuse. Mary takes her hair down from her pony tail, leans back in her chair and combs through her straightened locks. 

"Because I just got out of gym"

Hold on.....what does that have to do with your straight hair? Secretly you straightened your hair for Mark hoping he would notice and he didn't.
MAN! was I this transparent in 6th grade....yeah probably so

Startling them I chime in "Mark and Mary you need to get back on task. Your project is due Friday and you need to use your time in the computer lab wisely"

"Mary! You got us in trouble" Mark says with a whiny grin.
"No! Your face got us in trouble" Mary replies

I try to hold back my laughter and in my head I walk away thinking 

"oooo. good one."

Monday, February 23, 2009

My crib

As requested....MY NEW APARTMENT.
homey. colorful. comfortable. classy. im in love


.Gossip Girl Cast

Ok 3 week hiatus is NOT ok

thanks for checking with your fans.....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to school. Back to school. To prove to dad Im not a fool


Bring in the lifesavers and stop shooting the flares I MADE IT! I managed to stay afloat during my first week of training. In fact I wasn't only treading water I was SWIMMING through the waves with ease and grace. 

I will admit the teacher before me left the class in shambles and the kids have had 4 different teachers in 3 weeks so I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  But as their permanent teacher, I came in and shook things up a bit resulting in some mixed emotions of the students. On the second day I had to keep one class in 3 minutes into their lunch for bad behavior. .....I found a note carved into the side of the table "Ms Terry sucks....die b*tch"  

But by friday I could tell I was getting nicer (not on purpose) because I found some that said "I love Ms Terry" and "Ms Terry rocks"

I think my biggest struggle so far is taking myself seriously. Ha! Everyone in the education world knows that you have to start off strict in order to maintain mental sanity throughout the rest of the school year. Starting off too easy is suicide and along with that comes an array of downward spiraling issues that might never stop (behavioral issues). SO the hardest part for me is being mean. Because honestly I don't really care about a lot of things but I HAVE to the first day. I have to put them in their place and instill a healthy fear into these defiant 12 year olds. 

And I think I have. 

The very first day of school a student was sent to ISS for saying "f you" to one of the aides in my class and we had an EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN- yeah. NOT A DRILL. Of course they dont tell you at the time the reason they just say over the intercom "we are going into an emergency lockdown! Teachers follow the emergency lockdown procedure"

WHAT??!?!?! HOLD ON! I....havent been told about the procedure yet. Hi, this is my first day! WTF? "OK kids go........hide in that corner over there!" "I need to ummmm take roll. STOP TALKING!
I panic trying to take roll IN THE DARK with my cell phone as a light. I then scramble around to find the green card Im supposed to slide under the door. ALL the while my kids are freaking out slash cutting up because they think I cant see them in the dark.


this only freaks them out more, which doesnt help anything. The kids start asking questions. 
"Is there someone in the building?" 
"Are they going to come get us?"
"Ohhhh nooooooo! we are going to be shot!"

"NO! ok kids...Don't worry. we are all completely fine. Nothing is going to happen but I do need you all to still understand the seriousness of this lockdown. This was not a drill so the principal needs us to be on our very best behavior and wait QUIETLY and patiently for further instruction. 

and that was my first day of school.......

Thursday, February 12, 2009

terrible horrible no good very bad GYPSIES

Last night I waited on a table of gypsies. I hated them. I wanted to take each one individually and punch them square in the face.....and then if they tried to talk after I punched them I wanted to hiss at them like a cat and then push them over. Maybe even kick them in the shin. MAN! 
The thing is I am not even an aggressive person...but gypsies....gypsies bring out my anger. 

They come in the restaurant by the truck loads with kids in tote. I had a table of 8. They come in and act like they own the place and had me running a marathon last night with all of their requests. At one point I was so flustered I burned my hand on their hot sizzling fajita plate. I couldn't carry a tray the rest of the night. 

BUT thats not even the best part. Gypsies come in looking for trouble. They purposefully be difficult so that the server "gets frustrated" and "acts like they dont care" so that they can get a $100 meal for FREE. HA! Not last night!

There is no way they were getting what they wanted. I waited on them hand and foot patiently and reluctantly. My manager did NOT comp their meal but rather gave them a dessert for free. 

This did not go over well with my gypsies. So instead they took the TO-GO box I gave them and filled it with bean soup and stomped on it under the table until the styrofoam was broken and the beans were everywhere. Then on top of that they took the rest of the bean soup bowls and poured them all over the top of the table! 
WTF! that is NOT an accident!

So on a $110.00 tab. I was left $6. .......and im ok with that, because honestly, I thought they'd leave exact change.

The only good thing about last night is that my other tables witnessed the entire thing and felt bad...therefore my tips increased.

Dumb Gypsies. YAY for last day of waiting tables for a living!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Reason to Love

Old Friends
A weekend away
a reason to love indeed...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dream Job


I am so overjoyed. ecstatic. elated. any other word that describes an unfathomable amount of happiness
Life goal: 
- be on drill team in High School.....check
- get a 4.0 in college....check
- travel around the world...check
- meet someone famous...check
(these are just a few on my long list)

Fall 2004 Ashley, Jessica and I ventured over to the mystical hills of Austin to visit our other friends Katie, Katelyn and Elise. It was that crisp autumn evening that I was mesmerized by the beauty and spunky-ness that defines Austin. I was in love! 
I just can't get this city out of my head. Its no wonder that my job search focused mainly in this wonderful artsy haven.
It all happened so fast but thanks to Kelly....and of course Brian (who actually deserves credit this time) I was offered the 6th grade Science position at a middle school in an Austin area school on Tuesday.
Monday before my interview I sat in my car in silence with my stomach ripping itself into knots. The windows were cracked letting the beautiful day in and I prayed. For about 15 minutes I handed over the reigns. It wasn't easy but I completely let go. Knowing that it would only turn out the way He wanted it to. 

Jesus loves me this I know....