Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi. We are awkward in every way and we like each other anyway

I love 6th graders. I love how curious they are. I love how defiant they try to be and I love how so uncomfortably AWKWARD they are. Maybe its because of my overwhelmingly awkward tendencies that I am drawn to this age group. I think I thrive off awkward situations. 

I have two six graders who are CLEARLY in love.  They ooo and ahh at whatever the other one says, giggle and whisper sweet nothings into each others ears.

Well today I was standing behind them while they were working in the computer lab and I got a little glimpse as to what those sweet nothings are.

"Mark" is drawing on himself with a sharpie (because they all do) and "Mary" is scrolling up and down on her computer screen pretending to read about non renewable resources. 

She begins scrolling quicker and tapping her foot obviously anxious about something. 
Finally she bursts "I straightened my hair today!"

Mark continues drawing on his arm, oblivious that his Juliet is speaking to him.

"MARK! I straightened my hair!"

"Oh" Mark looks up. "Why would you do that?"

Taken back, Mary doesn't know what to do. She gave a look of expression as if they had potentially had a previous discussion about how she may or may not straighten her hair. I kind of viewed the previous conversation going like this probably about a month prior.

Mary: I wish I had straight hair.
Mark: Yeah I like straight hair.

And HOW could he NOT remember?!?! Oh wait, maybe because he is 11. 

She eventually comes up with an excuse. Mary takes her hair down from her pony tail, leans back in her chair and combs through her straightened locks. 

"Because I just got out of gym"

Hold on.....what does that have to do with your straight hair? Secretly you straightened your hair for Mark hoping he would notice and he didn't.
MAN! was I this transparent in 6th grade....yeah probably so

Startling them I chime in "Mark and Mary you need to get back on task. Your project is due Friday and you need to use your time in the computer lab wisely"

"Mary! You got us in trouble" Mark says with a whiny grin.
"No! Your face got us in trouble" Mary replies

I try to hold back my laughter and in my head I walk away thinking 

"oooo. good one."

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