Wednesday, July 29, 2009

:::Paper Planes -Website up:::

Paper Planes has a new website
I am yet to find something they do that Im not obsessed with
Good Job guys!

{foto stolen off facey}

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Food that you will eat in heaven"

My beautiful friend Laurel and I set up her classroom today. She will be teaching Pre-K and has TONS of fun toys that I never get to have.

aaaaaaand she wants to show you something
{sorry its sideways}

what a talent we have here!

THEN we went to have cheeseburgers....naturally
Me: "what type of food do they serve there?"
Laurel: "food that you will eat in heaven"

There is 100% truth behind that.

Yes I cut mine in half like a 5 year old. I felt it necessary since I was wearing ruffles.

We dined at the monument cafe in Georgetown.

A Reason to Love

A Reason to Love....
......Canoeing on Town Lake

My FUNNEST friend Jordan and I decided to take her adorable pooch, Tucker, to Barton Springs yesterday. We splashed around with the other dogs and then rented a canoe!

I live in the most beautiful city.

Tuck is such a good boy!

Then we got root beer snow cones!

Canoeing, Town Lake, Austin, Summer, Snow Cones.....A Reason to Love

Kick Bizzzzzzallll

Thursday is KICKBALL!

{mother daughter talk}

{we are on the super social league...clearly}

Then we went country dancing!

Check out his sweet bolo tie. This urban cowboy wasnt bad!

Again, I would NOT like to discuss the color of my t-shirt.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Hippie

Dear hippie dude in my yoga class today,

Please wear tighter shorts. NO ONE appreciates that you don't..especially during the spread eagle in the air.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

:::Nathan Angelo:::

I'm on a music kick...most days... everyday.
I was playing around today and stumbled upon this treasure.

Dear Nathan Angelo,
Your music is like......a cold refreshing lemonade on a hot summers day.
Light, tasteful, energized yet classic.
The keys get me everytime.
Keep it up.
...and travel to Texas soon so I can wink at you from the front row.
love, an unexpected fan

:::Paper Planes:::

My favorite British find Lecorum (recall stories here and here) are new and improved!
They changed their name and have released new stuff.

Introducing PAPER PLANES

Check out their new tunes here

{i want them to tour here so become a fan!!!}

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have a hero....and her name is....La Hero.
Ever since I woke to a roach CRAWLING on my arm a year ago....I don't do roaches.
{I get chills thinking about it. Like right now. At this moment. Chills}

Roommate saves the day.
Everyday these days.

{He looked so much bigger in real life} CLEANING

Now that things have "slowed down" a bit I am finally getting a chance to unpack from my last 800 moves. Moving every year of college in addition to the 3 times in the past 7 months- stuff just kinda got stuck places/ ACCUMULATED! I still have another full day of organizing and cleaning (throwing out crap) tomorrow. But look what I got done today!


I cant remember the last time I did a huge clean like this but I'm assuming over 5 years since I found some stuff from high school. oops!
4 BAGS! didnt even make a dent...........

:::but atleast I can close my doors now....atleast more than before :):::

I want you

Everything by Orange Poppy is adorable. but if I had to choose...I want you.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I want to do this...bad.

If I could sing

Since I clearly do not have enough soul to sing like a black woman (which would be my genre of choice)
This would be the album I would make.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

:::Happy Birthday Whitney:::

Happy Birthday Whitney!
Loving. Caring. Genuine. 
I love everything about you.
Can't wait to see you tomorrow.
You Rock my WORLD

:::Lawn Mosey:::

Kelly bought a Lawn Mosey (aka Lawn Mower to anyone other than me) Its so adorable. We are totally going green....its battery powered! Look at us!

It makes a beautiful humming noise that doesnt wake the neighbs...or me :) Horray!
But I did see Kelly mowing the lawn and since I want to be like her, I demanded a push!

Yes I am wearing a camo shirt, oversized plaid boxers and flip flops OUTSIDE IN PUBLIC to mow the lawn. Classy.
Twas fun!

:::Kickball, Smickball:::

I play kickball....yes...I can kick the ball! The last game I made it to 3rd and this past game I made it ALL THE WAY HOME! WAHOO!

{Melissa and I before the game. We are on the super social league...clearly}

Apparantly I can also RIP my QUAD muscles (both of them) while doing so. Ouchie waaa waaa that hurt. I was in so much pain it made me the point where I had to lay down and have an attractive male team member (and kelly) work out my muscles with ice packs. :)

Luckily I had Tucker there to cheer me up! Cutie Patootie Nootie...

{ I do NOT want to talk about the color of my t-shirt. GIG EM AGGIES!}

:::Paul McCartney:::

{Laurel and I jumping for joy in Liverpool last October}

You know when people ask you...
 "If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?"
or "If you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would it be?"
 My response is always Paul McCartney

Which is why I was in heaven when I got to visit his hometown of Liverpool, England last fall.
If I could live in another time period it would be this one....or the 40s. 
But anyway I would totally be THAT girl 
{see picture below}

So I have exciting news. PAUL MC CARTNEY WILL BE IN DALLAS AUGUST 19th! A DREAM. I want to go sooooooooo bad. Join me?
I promise I'll behave the rest of the year :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

SYTYCD- Gravity

I have adored this song by Sara Bareilles for quite sometime.  I feel every emotion in this song so I was pleased to find that Mia Michaels did a dance to it. So You Think You Can Dance is the reason I wake up in the summer. Its dances like this that keep me coming back week after week sitting through the mediocre until we reach a gem like this. I must say Mia Michaels constantly produces heart-wrenching, memorable dances from week to week. 
This one is just stunning!
I get chills.

{You need to watch the introduction before the dance to get the story of it} 

Ghetto Superstar

Heard this song on the radio today and it brought me back....Back to 6th grade. I might regret what Im about to say...because it shows my true nerdy-ness. But who doesnt know that about me already?
I remember LOVING this song. One time I got grounded and sent to my room. I didnt have a radio in my room so instead of being able to nap, read books, draw, play with my trolls, I BEGGED my mother to let me sit in the corner of the living room next to the radio on KISS FM with low volume just so I could hear it when the radio played it again. WHOOOO am I? 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

:::Brother Love:::

Im pretty much obsessed with brother. He is SO talented its not fair.
Check out this AMAZING video brother had to make for class.

:::Free Willy:::

Ok Michael Jackson has been everywhere. Rightfully so. Michael Jackson tributes have been on the radio NON STOP. I have one bone to pick. 
Michael pulled out a lot of tricks in his day. 
He had world wide hits that everyone knows.
But one that the radio stations have been OVERLOOKING is the GREATEST MJ trick of all time! The Free Willy SONG!!! 
Last night Kelly and I were on the same page and both agreed that this classic isn't getting enough recognition. Which is why I am PLEASED to announce my gratification with the beautiful Jennifer Hudson tackling MJ's greatest song of all- "Will You Be There".
Incase you missed the 4 hour "we are just gonna forget he is a child molester" Memorial Service here is j. huddy's version.

Job well done!
{because we all know that if I could have anything in life it would be the ability to sing like a beautiful black woman}

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Matt Wertz,

I am NOT okay with you being on the radio. I get that it makes you happy. I get that it will be lucrative. I get that it will make you an instant rockstar. I even get that it is what you have been dreaming of for years. BUT what YOU dont get is that no longer will I be able to see you play in intimate smaller venues. No longer will I be able to jam out in the front row. No longer will I be able to bat my eyes and get my flirt on and you actually see it.  No longer will I be able to come and talk to you while Barnsie is playing. No longer will I be able to hang with you after the show because it's my birthday. Sorry if I sound selfish...I am. :)

I am NOT okay with you being on the radio. 

picture by me May 2008
{click here and here and here and here and here to see why I love him so much}

Monday, July 6, 2009

:::My new best friend:::

Brother got me this FANTASTIC camera for my birthday. This weekend boy and I played with it for the first time. I'm IN LOVE!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

:::Murray Reunion:::

I traveled to small town America this past weekend to celebrate my grandmother's life. She passed last November but we decided to have her memorial service/GIANT family reunion on her birthday this past Saturday. It was way too much fun.

We are the cutest family ever. 
We had MATCHING T-shirts (color coded for each side of the family) 
AND we played games such as horseshoe/volleyball 
AND we went swimming 
AND we had a family talent show 
AND we had fireworks 
AND we cooked out......

...which means naturally
I would have TWO cheeseburgers
am I bad?