Wednesday, July 8, 2009

:::Free Willy:::

Ok Michael Jackson has been everywhere. Rightfully so. Michael Jackson tributes have been on the radio NON STOP. I have one bone to pick. 
Michael pulled out a lot of tricks in his day. 
He had world wide hits that everyone knows.
But one that the radio stations have been OVERLOOKING is the GREATEST MJ trick of all time! The Free Willy SONG!!! 
Last night Kelly and I were on the same page and both agreed that this classic isn't getting enough recognition. Which is why I am PLEASED to announce my gratification with the beautiful Jennifer Hudson tackling MJ's greatest song of all- "Will You Be There".
Incase you missed the 4 hour "we are just gonna forget he is a child molester" Memorial Service here is j. huddy's version.

Job well done!
{because we all know that if I could have anything in life it would be the ability to sing like a beautiful black woman}

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jennifer said...

this was a great announcement! <3