Monday, October 25, 2010

When I got home it looked like this

I wish I had time to think up pranks. 
Sometime in the near future.. It'll happen
I predict the prankster side of me will surface before you know it
and it will be a circus show.
get ready

Happy Birthday Elise

Happy Birthday Elise!
25 on the 25th.
Your star birthday
 Holy Moly

Sunday, October 24, 2010

OSU homecoming

 This weekend Pearl and I decided to take a cool cat like this
 all the way to Oklahoma for OSU's homecoming game against Nebraska to wear foam fingers like this

but most importantly to visit my cousin Lora (and TB) and take a picture like this

 and have a fun weekend of tailgating and football.

What I didn't realize was that OSU homecoming is ridiculous.
The fraternities pair up with a sorority and make things like this
The house decorations rotate, spin, shift, open and do all things magical
which makes us curious and do things like this

Check out the house decoration that won from last year by watching this.

Tiny Dancer photo shoot at the Eastern Market

The trip to DC was exactly what I needed... what we all needed. Nothing can turn stress and worries away like laughter, shopping and champaign. Love these girls more than I can ramble on about on a blog post. 
We missed Elise, Sterlyn and Emily (the remaining tiny dancers)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Moments like this fire me up.

I am blessed only by His hand.

Happy Friday ya'll.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a post with words

i havent written a post with words in a while. well with words of substance. not that this post will have substance but it wont only contain pictures.

i enjoy writing, so a post with words should satisfy me. But if we are all being honest here, I haven't been able to write a post with words. Writing a post with words requires thoughts and even emotions but i haven't been thinking or emoting for a while now. Just moting (my new word for moving in motion..emotionless) I've been moting around life. Too busy to observe it. I haven't had time to sit and ponder things, form opinions or express them. But today, thoughts started popping back to my mind and I figured I'd share since I can tell you are all dying to know what is on my brain every second.

The following are thoughts that have taken up space today. (and now minutes from yours)

1. "i want ice cream. just vanilla."
2. "i hate halloween."
3. "i wish i had a sonic sweet tea."
4. "dearest jesus, i want to stop fighting"
5. "i need to clean pearl girl"
6. "i love it when my hair is wet after a shower. very refreshing. i wish it was possible (and attractive) to     walk around like that all day"
7. "i love teaching! they are so cute!"
8. "i miss my brother"
9. "my co workers take advantage of how hard i work"
10. "i'm a work-a-holic"
11. "i need to book a hotel room for bestie's bachelorette party"
12. "i cant wait for bestie's bachelorette party"
13. "i like a boy whose name doesn't start with 'ex-boyfriend'"
14. "freakin' finally"
15. "i need ashley to upload pics from DC so i can blog"
16. "i want to read a book"
17. "our hipster neighbors are loud"
18. "kinetic energy is not the same as Connecticut energy"

Have a great week. Hopefully this time next week I will have moved on to more emotions ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

District Preview

We've been bolting around the District all day like total rockstars. 
Here is a little preview of today.

Happy Weekend.
I bet mines better than yours!
Just kidding
only I'm not
but kind of
i really do hope your weekend is great
signing off....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dominating DC

Dont mind me....this weekend the Tiny Dancers and I will be dominating D.C. If you promise to be good I might let you go. but you must have a perfect report from Santa.

Happy 25th Jessica

Tiny Dancer Engagement (#2)

This past weekend I headed back to Dallas for another wedding festivity event thingy. 
Another Tiny Dancer is engaged! 2 down!

I love these girls. We sat outside by the pool in Emily's backyard, like we had done for so many summers, reminiscing on all of our shenanigans. It is crazy to think where we were 10 years ago, where we are now and all of the times in between. I have to be honest, most of their stories started with "Remember that time we snuck out of Taylor's house..."

What did we even do after sneaking out? Walk around the block? kick over trashcans? what? Its not like we had places to go or people to see.  Sounds so stupid now. But Jessica in the purple dress would always stay home. Feel free to give her a hard time...we do :)

Congrats Emily and Brian!

Meet Nokia fromm 1999

Guess who got a new phone! And guess who's really pumped about it
When options were presented on replacement iphones I responded with "I want the oldest phone you can give me"
and thats exactly what my mother did. She opened up her drawer of tricks and whipped out my new best friend Nokia. 
I mean if we are going to go throwback here....might as well go waaaaay back.
She doesnt even have snake
Total Vintage.

I mean GUYS, listen! she signs off every text with "ttyl cool beans" and only types in AlTeRnAtInG CaPs. Its almost as if I never left 7th grade. 
But my Nokia has game, just like her momma. When you think she cant get any better, she pulls one on ya and busts out a new trick. Thats right...she has a keyboard! Man Im rollin now.
Except I got a little too excited about my new bffe NoKiA and...
good news about phones made prior to "smart" phones. They can drop/fall in water/get run over by a bus and never miss a beat. Instead they just get a little confused, forget what decade they are in, and reset their clock to when the phone was made (circa 1999)

I cAnT wAiT tO SpEnD tHe NeXt 4 MoNtHs wItH NoKia!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Wedding

This isn't my first friend to get married. Its not even my first wedding to be in, but this wedding is different. Danielle, my sister from another mister, is getting hitched in May and I am beaming from ear to ear.
It was so surreal seeing her in her beautiful gown. I couldn't help being an emotional wreck. If I am this bad when she gets married, what am I going to be like when my big day comes? Danielle, myself, and 2 of her other bridesmaids went to make the decision on the bridesmaids gowns. Take a look at our fun.

We picked the gown Im wearing only in a deep, deep purple. That cement color does nothing for a girl's color. 
I made us wine glasses to toast to the bride. We will reuse them at the bachelorette party when all the girls are together.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

So long, farewell

I dont want to go as far as to say that it was the saddest day of my life because that would be an overstatement. but I will say that I was a little more upset than I should have been about my favorite pair of sunglasses breaking.

They came into my life June 2009 and have brought me joy throughout. The pair traveled to other cities, states and countries. saw the sights. lived life. 
 Whenever Pearl was there, my glasses came too. They were bffs for life

The best $7 ever spent.
Life just wont be the same
to the best pair of sunglasses ive ever had

{You know its true when 6 out of my last 10 profile pictures has my sunglassys in it}

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

running optional. sunlight necessary

I haven't seen the light of day for a couple weeks lately. And when I say that, Im not being sarcastic. I literally get to school at 7am and leave past sundown. My classroom has no windows and I go all day without feeling or seeing the sun beaming in and experiencing this beautiful fall weather.  

But working all weekend has payoffs. I got to leave early today. Gasp! (Thats where you were supposed to act shocked and do a little gasping of your own) I left by 5! YAYAYAYAA

So I treated myself to a workout. I went all out and headed to Town Lake. If youre gonna do it, might as well bounce like a baller 
did that make sense? 
not really. 
oh well

It just put me in such a better mood. 
Sunlight, what a cool cat

I love my city. I love outside. I love fall. I love running outside. I love God for all of those things.

Happy October!
MY FAVOURITE (british spelling of course) TIME OF YEAR