Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a post with words

i havent written a post with words in a while. well with words of substance. not that this post will have substance but it wont only contain pictures.

i enjoy writing, so a post with words should satisfy me. But if we are all being honest here, I haven't been able to write a post with words. Writing a post with words requires thoughts and even emotions but i haven't been thinking or emoting for a while now. Just moting (my new word for moving in motion..emotionless) I've been moting around life. Too busy to observe it. I haven't had time to sit and ponder things, form opinions or express them. But today, thoughts started popping back to my mind and I figured I'd share since I can tell you are all dying to know what is on my brain every second.

The following are thoughts that have taken up space today. (and now minutes from yours)

1. "i want ice cream. just vanilla."
2. "i hate halloween."
3. "i wish i had a sonic sweet tea."
4. "dearest jesus, i want to stop fighting"
5. "i need to clean pearl girl"
6. "i love it when my hair is wet after a shower. very refreshing. i wish it was possible (and attractive) to     walk around like that all day"
7. "i love teaching! they are so cute!"
8. "i miss my brother"
9. "my co workers take advantage of how hard i work"
10. "i'm a work-a-holic"
11. "i need to book a hotel room for bestie's bachelorette party"
12. "i cant wait for bestie's bachelorette party"
13. "i like a boy whose name doesn't start with 'ex-boyfriend'"
14. "freakin' finally"
15. "i need ashley to upload pics from DC so i can blog"
16. "i want to read a book"
17. "our hipster neighbors are loud"
18. "kinetic energy is not the same as Connecticut energy"

Have a great week. Hopefully this time next week I will have moved on to more emotions ;)

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