Monday, September 27, 2010


My posts are getting fewer and far between which either jumping rope to pass time or flying kites. Both require hours of dedication and brain power leaving an inch of energy to blog about how exciting my life really is.

Im sure you want to hear about my thoughts on football season, the American education system, or how I cracked my iphone screen on Friday. I bet you want to hear about all the entertaining dates I've been on recently, the awesome yet incredibly awkward moments I conjured up on said dates, or even my cute new Anthro purchases.  You'd probably be disgusted to know that showering wasn't a priority last week, in fact it didn't even make the to-do list. But you'd be relieved to hear that I somehow made it work...twice (just kiddin....maybe)

But instead of writing up a post that involves brain power and complete sentences, I'll leave you with images of my best friends wedding this Saturday.
we have a thing for beavers

(photo's via Alexia)

I just fell asleep with my eyes open staring at the computer screen. Wow. Thats my cue to get back to jumping rope.
Peace out homies

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

personifying a digestive systems is just hilarious

This might be one of those things that should be prefaced with "You had to be there"

But Abra and I laughed about this commercial tonight for a good 7 minutes. Tried to re-watch it but couldn't because I was laughing so hard my eyes weren't open. 

I could only find the Spanish version

what was your favorite part?

Mine was the blowing of the bubbles
Or when the intestine held up the couch for its master.

I might be delirious and tomorrow is friday. Yippee!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kayne and Blackie

I've posted before about the adorable, sweet, precious little Zambian child that I sponsor named Kayne.

I sent a beanie baby,a picture and a letter to him last spring with a friend Katy who was going to visit him and the others at Camp Life. 

I just received pictures of him in the mail today and LOOK

He's holding Blackie the beanie baby!

Some factoids about Zambia

{photo credit: legacy missions}

If you are interested in helping out check out this site 

and just because I haven't blogged about my spiritual Serengeti in a while..

Psalm 63
O God, you are my God,
    earnestly I seek you;
       my soul thirsts for you,
       my body longs for you,
       in a dry and weary land
       where there is no water.

Monday, September 13, 2010

its the most wonderful time of the year

its here.
fall and football. 

The next  3 months are my favourite months.

Im a happy happy girl. 


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear TS Hermoine (Part 2)

You were definitely unexcpected.
Your eye just missed Austin and headed west. But those of us to the East..we know how ugly you can be. Dumping rain  from sun up to sun down you demolished any plans that were made (thank goodness I didnt have any) and scared us all with that heart stopping lightning that thundered IN MY LIVING ROOM (just kidding. not literally in it, but it sounded like it) at 2:30 am. I jumped so high I could have fallen of my bed.

Thank goodness Im too poor to live near, creeks, rivers or streams because otherwise I'd be screwed. Compliments to who ever is in charge of the city of Austin's drainage committee for Hyde Park.. Job Well Done.

Hermoine. The amounts of rain that you dumped in a short period of time is unsurmountable.

You really did it this time.

While I'd like to give you credit for canceling school yesterday due to flooding I know that this gain wasnt taken without a cost. A cost that damaged the neighborhood surrounding my school. Streets still closed. And you keep taking Hermoine, like my Memorial Day. I now must extend this school year and make up the day on Memorial Day. Yes thats a NATIONAL Holiday for those wondering. thanks kid.

I did, however, get to spend all day with Abra. We work at the same school and live together but this was different. Abra's classroom is on the other side of the school, she's in a different department and grade level. Which means its convenient to have her there but I have to hunt her down to find her.

But stuck inside with each other all day was no doubt the silliest day in a while. We did things like this

i brought my boyfriend to school today

isnt he sexy?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crazy little thing called love

Geez Louise! All this talk about love has got me talking a lot... about... love. Fancy that.

(photos: wehearit)
Well not really love...but the Love Languages. Have you heard of them?

When considering any person you love (relationships, friends or family) you might want to play detective and figure out the best way to love them. But in order to do that, first you need to find out what YOUR love language is. Click here to take the test.

Someone fancy and important (a kid named Gary Chapman) thought real long and hard on this crazy little thing we call love and came up with his idea of everything. He says there are 5 different ways people show love, receive love and all around speak the language we call love. Lets get right to it.

1. Receiving gifts: These people feel most loved when receiving gifts. Don't dare miss their birthday.

2. Acts of service: This person would feel loved if I did the dishes. Sorry "La Roommate" I bet you felt unloved all year last year. I just hope and pray my future husband doesn't speak this love language.

3. Quality Time: It doesn't matter what, when or where as long as its with the other person. Quality time is a big one for most of my friends. They keep me on my toes and my schedule booked.

4. Physical Touch: Unexpected kisses? Who doesn't like that? ...but I could do without touching. My last bf complained of my lack of desire to cuddle, or hug, or hold hands. This was the language he spoke. My friends also complain that I'm horrible with physical touch. La Roomate and I have a deal.. When she's upset there will be no hugging or a pat on the back. In fact dont even expect me to get up off the couch, instead I'll just reach across the ottoman and give you a nice comforting toe tap.

5. Words of Affirmation: Actions don't speak louder than words. Compliments, praise, notes, (comments on their blog) phone calls just to say "I miss you" make this person go wild.

And this person would be ME. Telling me how you feel is FREE and it doesn't require much time. A simple text goes a long way. I don't need expensive gifts, or a huge amount of your week devoted to me. I don't need you to do laundry or do the dishes. I don't even need you to cuddle (maybe sometimes). Instead, an "I love you" in a text changes my day.  Bestie and Lindsey have figured this out and stay near and dear to my heart because of it. My mother called just to tell me how much she as looking forward to my visit last weekend and it changed my mood entirely.
I would LOVE to date another "words of affirmation" language speaker. We could send the daily texts and meet up once or twice a week to cuddle. Perfect.  He would understand my need for independence because he cant be in a smothering relationship either. GENIUS!

The reason its important to know your love language is because you usually speak your love language. I am constantly praising my students at school. I will go out of my way to praise a student for the smallest achievement in order to give them those words of affirmation. Your Birthday card might end up being 25 reasons why I love you. Your Christmas present will be nothing more than a poem.
But as much as Abra enjoys my "Abra I think you're the best" compliments that I pull on her she would like nothing more than for me to sit on the couch and watch "Sliding Doors" with her. (good movie btw)
My friend Lindsey is content sitting side by side on the couch, silently surfing the internet on our own computers. She also speaks Quality Time.

Marriages and relationships can fall apart with two people trying their absolute best to make things work. Why?
Because they are loving their partner according to their personal love language as opposed to loving their partner the language their partner speaks.

Im pretty much an expert now after this post. Ill be here all week.

This is my lover saying "Come on La beast lets go to England" and Im like "Ok yay! I love life!"

Time for me to meet my man in my dreams.
Wait is that how it goes?

Bestie's engaged!

Not only did a Tiny Dancer get engaged but MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. (on the same day)

This girl and I have been through so much drama its insane. Middle school and high school we fought like sisters! Neither one of us having a sister...we are each others sisters :) Our parents and siblings witnessed it all. Sorry mom, dad, Mr and Mrs A.

Danielle glows when she is around her fiance Pat. Their love for each other fills the room. Its contagious. Yet...almost nauseating how adorable they are (even when they fight).

I remember sitting on Danielle's water bed (yes, waterbed, she was the cool kid on the block) in our early teens talking about this day. Her colors would be sage and lavender. Pictures of cakes cut out of magazines, bobbing up and down as we shifted among the bed. She was always a planner. And still is. We compliment each other that way because I haven't thought twice about what my future wedding will look like... except I plan to be madly in love with the man facing me.

I've waited 10 years for this monumental phone call. The words that send shivers of excitement down my spine and all my hairs on end. To hear my best friend, my sister, say "I'm ENGAGED!"

I screamed. 
Like really screamed. 
For a long time. 
So long it was awkward. 
And anyone nearby would feel awkward with the volume and pitch of my scream. 
I was also in Pearl Girl, top down, with Abra by my side which made the experience even richer. She can vouch for my painful high scream volume. 

I dont know if you can tell but that bling she is sporting has its own zipcode  its own gravitational pull. If you feel nauseous in its presence, no its not you suddenly becoming aware of your singleness, its you being pulled into its orbit!
Patrick whisked her away to San Fran for a romantic weekend. You did good, sir, you did good.

I cant wait for that weekend in May, when I get to stand next to you, hold your bouquet, and
give that really embarrassing speech you made me promise I wouldn't tell. 
Lovin you BFFEAE

Well hello Tropical Storm Hermoine

Dear TS Hermoine,

Why did you develop so quickly? Your ansy and impatient behavior really got in the way of driving. May I ask what I did to deserve your torrential rainfall? your flooding of the roads? your tornado warnings?
I was just happily going about my september day unaware that you would be making such a nasty visit today.

You were scary and I did not like how you limited my driving visibility to ZERO on the way to and from work today. 

Next time you want to let off some steam...please do it elsewhere
(and its moving north)

And I will call her Hermoine because its just better sounding (and British sounding) over Hermine

Monday, September 6, 2010

Another one down

A tiny dancer is engaged!

(pictures I took on the Brooklyn Bridge with my Diana last August on a trip to NYC)
Corey proposed to Katelyn on the Brooklyn Bridge Friday morning and surprised her with a flight back to Dallas and an engagement party with 50 or so of their closest family and friends waiting to celebrate with them.

Champaign, toasts, good food and company were all had.
YAY for love!

(A tiny dancer reunion minus 2)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

3 days away from work. holla.

A three day weekend. THANK GOODNESS

I've been walking around in a zombie state all week. I was getting grumpier by the minute and finally yesterday was a circus show at work. A circus. I forgot to take my medicine and now I remember why I need to so bad. Nothing gets done and in fact I make bigger messes for myself too.

But enough about that because I get to go to Dallas to see my maja and faja and celebrate 2, count em TWO engagements that happened yesterday! I haven't screamed of excitement that much in a long time. 

So bring on the bubbly!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stupid Ocean

Or just one.
In the singular form.

I finally got to talk to La Rockstar today. Time differences and his lack of phone (death by drowning) has prevented us from our weekly updates recently. But boy did my day turn into a 10 ONE THOUSAND after our chat. 

Now if he could cheer me up after every glue infested day at school. That would be fantastic.

Stupid ocean.

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Daphne
She was brought into my life, to be my neighbor, for a reason. This girl has saved me in so many ways.
LOVIN HER and tonight we celebrate...with fancy asian food.
Happy Birthday my beautiful friend


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Whats the Deal?!?

Since when did they stop using glue in elementary school?
Shouldn't kids be professional gluers by the time they get to 6th grade? I mean they have had 12 years to get the hang of it. 

I make every eye watch me demonstrate. I walk around the room to check their "glue dots" to make sure they are following the "dot, dot, not a lot" rule. I repeat 101 times where to glue....and what do i get... glue vomit...everywhere. Thats when the claw comes out. The students have learned to run away quickly to avoid any growling or hissing that might follow. 

We use this liquid migraine maker daily. If they don't shape up and become super gluers...I might have to quit... or just step out into the hallway to cool down..or bribe them with Justin Beiber. I may or may not have told them that the storage room is off limits because that's where I hide Justin Beiber.

Im serious. 

(was that scary?)