Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bestie's engaged!

Not only did a Tiny Dancer get engaged but MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. (on the same day)

This girl and I have been through so much drama its insane. Middle school and high school we fought like sisters! Neither one of us having a sister...we are each others sisters :) Our parents and siblings witnessed it all. Sorry mom, dad, Mr and Mrs A.

Danielle glows when she is around her fiance Pat. Their love for each other fills the room. Its contagious. Yet...almost nauseating how adorable they are (even when they fight).

I remember sitting on Danielle's water bed (yes, waterbed, she was the cool kid on the block) in our early teens talking about this day. Her colors would be sage and lavender. Pictures of cakes cut out of magazines, bobbing up and down as we shifted among the bed. She was always a planner. And still is. We compliment each other that way because I haven't thought twice about what my future wedding will look like... except I plan to be madly in love with the man facing me.

I've waited 10 years for this monumental phone call. The words that send shivers of excitement down my spine and all my hairs on end. To hear my best friend, my sister, say "I'm ENGAGED!"

I screamed. 
Like really screamed. 
For a long time. 
So long it was awkward. 
And anyone nearby would feel awkward with the volume and pitch of my scream. 
I was also in Pearl Girl, top down, with Abra by my side which made the experience even richer. She can vouch for my painful high scream volume. 

I dont know if you can tell but that bling she is sporting has its own zipcode  its own gravitational pull. If you feel nauseous in its presence, no its not you suddenly becoming aware of your singleness, its you being pulled into its orbit!
Patrick whisked her away to San Fran for a romantic weekend. You did good, sir, you did good.

I cant wait for that weekend in May, when I get to stand next to you, hold your bouquet, and
give that really embarrassing speech you made me promise I wouldn't tell. 
Lovin you BFFEAE


Danielle said...


Alex said...

wowwwwwwwwww that ring!!

Vanessa said...

Aww yay! Congrats to your bestie! It's the time for engagements, it must be in the water! & her ring is GORGEOUS!

& Thanks for your comment on my blog! I bounced up and down and squee! I keep feeding off all this excitement. I don't think I've stopped smiling since Sunday! 8)