Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear TS Hermoine (Part 2)

You were definitely unexcpected.
Your eye just missed Austin and headed west. But those of us to the East..we know how ugly you can be. Dumping rain  from sun up to sun down you demolished any plans that were made (thank goodness I didnt have any) and scared us all with that heart stopping lightning that thundered IN MY LIVING ROOM (just kidding. not literally in it, but it sounded like it) at 2:30 am. I jumped so high I could have fallen of my bed.

Thank goodness Im too poor to live near, creeks, rivers or streams because otherwise I'd be screwed. Compliments to who ever is in charge of the city of Austin's drainage committee for Hyde Park.. Job Well Done.

Hermoine. The amounts of rain that you dumped in a short period of time is unsurmountable.

You really did it this time.

While I'd like to give you credit for canceling school yesterday due to flooding I know that this gain wasnt taken without a cost. A cost that damaged the neighborhood surrounding my school. Streets still closed. And you keep taking Hermoine, like my Memorial Day. I now must extend this school year and make up the day on Memorial Day. Yes thats a NATIONAL Holiday for those wondering. thanks kid.

I did, however, get to spend all day with Abra. We work at the same school and live together but this was different. Abra's classroom is on the other side of the school, she's in a different department and grade level. Which means its convenient to have her there but I have to hunt her down to find her.

But stuck inside with each other all day was no doubt the silliest day in a while. We did things like this

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Alex said...

Sooo let me get this straight. You filmed that while DRIVING in the RAIN? Silly Taylor :)