Friday, July 30, 2010

Billzzzz comes to Austin

i LOVE surprise visitors. 

and i love surprise visitors + sno beach even more!

I was having issues successfully flipping my spoon 

Happy Weekend!


i miss brother

I am really missing brother lately

I got to talk to him on skype last night. 
He just blows me away. I could sit and listen to him for hours. 
He is so wise and creative. Motivated and ambitious. Outgoing and fearless. Hilarious and fun. Thoughtful and kind. Sensitive and strong. Brilliant and passionate. 
He is an old soul.

Of all the males under 50 I have come into contact with in my 24 years I know of only two men. Gentlemen. One is la gentleman and the other is my brother. Their caliber exceeds the rest and sorry ladies...both have really lucky girls.
 Brother is one of the most amazing people I know and I am so happy that I am stuck with him for the rest of my life :)

 Here is a really old and embarrassing video of us from a road trip a couple of years ago

England: Bath

In the middle of our 2 week adventure we train-ed it over to Bath. Built by the Romans in the year 43, Bath used the natural hot springs in the area for public bathing. 
It has a beautiful city centre with temples, bath houses and beautiful gardens. 
Home of Jane Austen and the mother of the founder of Brisbane Australia. 
isnt that exciting?

The charm of the architecture is what I admire so much about Europe. Im bothered by our lack of creativity. By our money hungry mind set. Time spent on creating beautiful buildings is money wasted and so Americans just throw bricks together and call it a day. Move on to the next project. 
The house I grew up in was awesome....but the house 5 doors down was the same only a different color. This bothers me. 
Mainly because my neighbors already knew my hiding spots in hide-n-seek

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm going to learn this dance today in my spare time. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

England: Kirkby Lonsdale

Warning: The next couple of days Im about to get really annoying with England posts

Now that I am back with a computer and regular internet access that doesnt cost me £1 per 30 minutes I can update you with my two weeks in the land that I love.  These are going to be sparatic and all over the place so just ignore them if that frustrates you or if you just dont care about my obsession. I will try to understand :)

Ster-fry and I met up with my teacher friend, Nicola, for two days in Northern England. We wanted a relaxing day, the complete opposite from the hustle and bustle of London. She took us to the perfectly fabulous and quaint village of Kirkby Lonsdale. While we shopped I practiced my British accent. Nicola thinks I sound more Australian than English but I didnt take offense and continued to repeat everything she said anyway. 

This was the rainiest day of all of them and it wasnt even that bad. I love walks in the English countryside :)

We found bah bahs!

Mary Poppins Birds

So I have RSP. I think we all have a little bit of RSP in us...but I have it bad. For those of you who are unfamiliar with RSP. Wonder no more. I have a bad case of "repetitive song playing". 
When I like a song I am known to play it over. and over. and over. until I find a new song that I fancy. 

Sometimes it can be whole albums. And in this case it is. I know I have blogged about Nathan Angelo before, but I am just stuck on him right now. I love this singer/songwriter. I think its because he plays the keys. mmmmm. you know how i love my keyboardists? keyboarders? keyboardi?

Those of you with RSP will understand and appreciate my song of choice and why I have chosen to play it  over. and over. and over.

"Mary Poppins Birds"
I tried to find a good video on youtube but found it unsuccessful so you will have to download him on itunes to get the best version. But I'll put up a mediocre but still outstanding version of the song here. Just imagine how good it is on itunes. 

(thats code for la beast excitement)


I hate being responsible sometimes. Most of the time I'm not. My horrid memory and immaturity make it impossible for me to exhibit such qualities. But there are a few instances when my responsibility dominates my decisions. It comes in out of no where. no warning. no invitation. Like my decision  NOT to go to France with la rockstar and his band. What was I thinking? Was this a responsible choice, la beast? NO just a plain stupid one!
A week on the beach. Play all day, rock out all night. Who wouldn't want to be a groupie for a week? Those of you who answered "not me" are clearly the responsible ones.
So now I'm here in Texas (not France), with the rain, and all the bugs that found a new home in my home while I was gone, scrubbing the bathroom and getting texts from la rockstar like "im laying on the beach, wish you were here"


alright la rockstar. hold on just a minute while I...double over in pain from the electronic stab you just sent me! stupid text. a nice text, but an annoyingly painful one.

Today I sit reflecting on the word "responsible". Was it responsible for me to get on that plane back to the states? Due to money, time, safety,...blah blah blah. Or would it also have been a responsible decision to get on a plane from England to France? To experience life, other know worldly things?

You don't have to say. I already know. 

la beast

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hello Lovelies. I'm back state side!
Im not too thrilled to be back considering I was darting around the little island I love most, living the dream for 2 weeks. As they say money doesnt grow on trees so I'm back until I can afford my next trip across the pond.
What an expensive hobby I have.

I thought i'd humor you with a little Q &A of the frequently asked questions upon my arrival.

What was your favorite part of the trip?
Its hard for me to pick just one because I felt like I was living a dream the entire time. Everything was fascinating. Everything was beautiful, the weather was perfect and I was surrounded by British accents. It was Christmas morning for 14 days.  But if I had to choose it would be meeting up with my students, hands down. Getting to squeeze their little cheeks again and hug their faces just made my day entire year. They are so energizing and are a refreshing reminder of why I do what I do.

What was your least favorite part of the trip?
Coordinating everything. I am so laid back and not into plans so when it came to deciding where to eat lunch it was a 10 minute ordeal.

and the BIG question

how rockstar?
Well lets talk about that one. La busy being a rockstar. and when i say busy i mean...too busy. (he already gave me permission to publicly out him for his stupidity) But he has good reason so I forgave him and so should you! He's also just as sad about it as you are and begged for forgiveness and promised to make it up next time.

I was home 36 hours before I was back in the airport. Im addicted to them I think. A heathly addiction but an costly one. Now I'm in Illinois with the fam.

Today my cousin and I took the converti to Tanner Orchard, a haven for everything apple. The apple donuts are scrumptious and the apple cider was delicious.

But the best trick of the trade was the APPLE CIDER SLUSHIE!
Ummmm, Yes please!
We are just having so much fun with uninterrupted girl time. My cousin is one of my favorite people on this planet and I never get to see her! Stupid husbands getting in the way (not mine, but hers) . Just kidding her and her husband are adorable check out their blog.

I hope your summer is filled with fun adventures.
Until next time (or until I get my England pictures uploaded)
la beast

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am so bored with my blog. Because I want to write. But its hard to write when I know you people are reading it. Maybe ill just start an anonymous blog. If you find it....You win. (and dont tell a soul) until then Ill just continue to update this one with pointless, safe, picture posts and talk of Frank from the Bachelorette.

Speaking of Frank. If I could draw up a man that I would be attracted would probably look something like Frank. Its the glasses that get me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i love my life. i just love it

Yesterday was my favorite day so far. I got to see my students I taught in England back in 08. I arranged to meet at a Pizza Place in town and anyone who could come was invited. Not sure about how many would turn up I was still excited to see my little lovelies. I was walking in the town centre and I hear little voices shout from across the street "Ms TERRY!!!!!!" I turn to look and a herd of 13 year olds are bolting my way!

I was brought to tears I was so excited/happy/overwhelmed that 15 or so of my former students would take time off in their summer holiday and some even take a train from the town over to see me!! Oh my goodness I couldnt stop smiling...still cant. I am the luckiest teacher to have such loving wonderful students. I am so happy. OH I am so so so so soo HAPPY!!! despite our tearful goodbyes. I am so. happy.

(lets play a game...its called...find ms terry)
some of the boys snuck off when we were trying to take the picture which makes me a bit sad

and I was even more excited to see my co teacher Nicola. She let me barge in and take over her classroom and we got on so well. She is so fantastic and her and her handsome husband are so adorable its ridiculous.

Afterward Nicky took Ster-fry and I up to Windemere, where I lived abroad, and we got to show her the ridiculous cottage and of course the lake!

I question why I left such a beautiful place

Ster-fry and I are LOVING our time up north. The city is great fun but up north is where its at. :) Relaxing and beautiful

Sunday, July 11, 2010


We have moved on from London and beginning our backpack across the northern part of England. We are in the quaint town of Bath. Exploring the Roman Baths and all this town has to offer. Including a cup of hot tea

Until I can blog again with a longer post...Happy Sunday! I hope youre day is full of rest and peace.


Thursday July 8th

Thursday Sterlyn and I needed a break from the busy-ness of London. London is always busy but we decided to hit it at its tourism peak. GRAND IDEA. So to get away we took the evening off and an hour train ride down to Epsom Downs to the horse races. We dressed in our "smart" clothes and enjoyed ourselves a pint on a cool summers evening. The horse races were exciting and the people watching even better.
But you didnt think that was the real reason I went there was it? Psh. Of course not. We went to scream and drool over this kid. Kinda like a 13 yr old teen drooling over Justin Bieber or one of the Twilight jokes. Only not as creepy or crazy. Except I did make a special trip south of London to see my crush. So maybe I could match up for the "creepy borderline crazy over celebrities" group

James are fantastic live.
He played after the races
and if I didnt have to bolt to the train station to catch the last train out (the next train didnt leave until 5 am) I would have stayed to meet you. I WOULD have met you. Because I would have wooed you with my American accent.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Actual London Post...but its really not

BLAH BLAH BLAH...ive seen all the major sights, took the picture, bought the t-shirt. No need to bore you with those silly details. Instead,

Lets talk about some of the characters we've come in counter with.

Day 1: We meet Fiona, a 45 yr old woman with scabs sharing the hostel with us. She was from England and slept for a good....ohhh...lets say... 25 hours of the day. And when she was awake we were sleeping and she was talking to herself...about Marilyn Monroe, other pretty people and how shes afraid to get caught of a murder she just committed (in her head) Multiple thank you. Did I mention she slept 25 hours of the day and was too lazy to use the restroom...instead she just relieved herself into a plastic bag whilst in bed. AND picked off all of her scabs in the shower. Ok...Im holding back my vom just reliving this story MOVING ON

We moved to the next hostel a room for 6 above a bar. No its not the bar I can hear late at night its the oustide...because its so darn hot its impossible to sleep without the windows open. Sirens or sweat? Sirens or sweat?  Id rather have neither but atleast I have Italian in the bunk next to mine to help get my mind off things.

Italian...HA! He cant pronounce my name so he calls me "Hey, teacher". His English is limited but his looks are not. He just looks- whats the good. We also made friends with the German girls in our room and have all hung out at the dance floor downstairs. Thats where we met an Austrailian with a sailor hat. He had his eyes on Sterlyn..and every other girl...but mainly Sterlyn :)

So all 6 of us lay silently sweating in our separate bunks with our body pulsing to the beat from the bar downstairs and our heads ringing from the sirens and noise from outside. All 6 of us tossing and turning..pretending we are asleep. But its 3 am and no one has been able to get a wink. Thats when my day dreams of Italian came in to play.

But Italian and his friend left this now Sterlyn and I are hoping for.. AUSTRALIANS

If you want more info about my travels I update my twitter more frequently. Click on the button to the left of my blog.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Uploaded - 7\5\10-1

flirt with a beefeater.... check!
I can go home now

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Happy Birthday Billz!

Wish you were here bolting around London with me.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3 is here already

London is calling! See ya in two weeks..... if I come home.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Look what I found!!

I was running late for Bible Study monday night and couldn't find my Prayer Journal before tumbling through the door. So I grabbed an older notebook I had to take notes in.

When I got there I started to thumb through this old journal of mine discovering it dates back all the way to 6th grade.
Look at what I found taped on the inside pages
aaaand even Freddy Prince JR

Look at him in that ribbed turtle neck....MMMMMMM

But what comes next tops it all.
Look Carefully
It is the birth certificate of my child with Justin Timberlake. 
She's 8 months old. 
I even got some random assistant to "sign" it

Listen Kids, I cant make this stuff up. 
It is straight from my 12 year old imagination.
At least I waited until after college to have a child. That's proof that not all the screws are loose.