Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am so bored with my blog. Because I want to write. But its hard to write when I know you people are reading it. Maybe ill just start an anonymous blog. If you find it....You win. (and dont tell a soul) until then Ill just continue to update this one with pointless, safe, picture posts and talk of Frank from the Bachelorette.

Speaking of Frank. If I could draw up a man that I would be attracted to...it would probably look something like Frank. Its the glasses that get me.


JMay said...

First of all I love your blog header, those penguins are soo cute!

I totally have a T.V. crush on Frank too, he makes nerd look gooood ;-)

jasmine said...

my vote (do i get a vote even though this is my first time stopping by your blog??) is that you write about whatever you want on THIS blog 'cause it's your blog, and you can! sometimes i feel the same way with my blog, but then i just remember that it's mine to do with as i please. of course, i don't know the things you'd like to write about. maybe they're things that would get you fired or piss off your family or get you in trouble with the fbi. if that's the case, please forget i said a word. :D

Caroline Henley said...

I LOVE FRANK! i hate what ended up happening on the show... but i still love Frank, he would be my pick too! :)

Anonymous said...

wait. wasn't this your plan for me? so the world can know my stories but not connect me with them? this is currently in the works. xoxo roundup