Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday July 8th

Thursday Sterlyn and I needed a break from the busy-ness of London. London is always busy but we decided to hit it at its tourism peak. GRAND IDEA. So to get away we took the evening off and an hour train ride down to Epsom Downs to the horse races. We dressed in our "smart" clothes and enjoyed ourselves a pint on a cool summers evening. The horse races were exciting and the people watching even better.
But you didnt think that was the real reason I went there was it? Psh. Of course not. We went to scream and drool over this kid. Kinda like a 13 yr old teen drooling over Justin Bieber or one of the Twilight jokes. Only not as creepy or crazy. Except I did make a special trip south of London to see my crush. So maybe I could match up for the "creepy borderline crazy over celebrities" group

James are fantastic live.
He played after the races
and if I didnt have to bolt to the train station to catch the last train out (the next train didnt leave until 5 am) I would have stayed to meet you. I WOULD have met you. Because I would have wooed you with my American accent.

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Susu said...

Traveling looks good on you!
Wish I was there!