Wednesday, July 28, 2010

England: Kirkby Lonsdale

Warning: The next couple of days Im about to get really annoying with England posts

Now that I am back with a computer and regular internet access that doesnt cost me £1 per 30 minutes I can update you with my two weeks in the land that I love.  These are going to be sparatic and all over the place so just ignore them if that frustrates you or if you just dont care about my obsession. I will try to understand :)

Ster-fry and I met up with my teacher friend, Nicola, for two days in Northern England. We wanted a relaxing day, the complete opposite from the hustle and bustle of London. She took us to the perfectly fabulous and quaint village of Kirkby Lonsdale. While we shopped I practiced my British accent. Nicola thinks I sound more Australian than English but I didnt take offense and continued to repeat everything she said anyway. 

This was the rainiest day of all of them and it wasnt even that bad. I love walks in the English countryside :)

We found bah bahs!

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