Friday, July 9, 2010

Actual London Post...but its really not

BLAH BLAH BLAH...ive seen all the major sights, took the picture, bought the t-shirt. No need to bore you with those silly details. Instead,

Lets talk about some of the characters we've come in counter with.

Day 1: We meet Fiona, a 45 yr old woman with scabs sharing the hostel with us. She was from England and slept for a good....ohhh...lets say... 25 hours of the day. And when she was awake we were sleeping and she was talking to herself...about Marilyn Monroe, other pretty people and how shes afraid to get caught of a murder she just committed (in her head) Multiple thank you. Did I mention she slept 25 hours of the day and was too lazy to use the restroom...instead she just relieved herself into a plastic bag whilst in bed. AND picked off all of her scabs in the shower. Ok...Im holding back my vom just reliving this story MOVING ON

We moved to the next hostel a room for 6 above a bar. No its not the bar I can hear late at night its the oustide...because its so darn hot its impossible to sleep without the windows open. Sirens or sweat? Sirens or sweat?  Id rather have neither but atleast I have Italian in the bunk next to mine to help get my mind off things.

Italian...HA! He cant pronounce my name so he calls me "Hey, teacher". His English is limited but his looks are not. He just looks- whats the good. We also made friends with the German girls in our room and have all hung out at the dance floor downstairs. Thats where we met an Austrailian with a sailor hat. He had his eyes on Sterlyn..and every other girl...but mainly Sterlyn :)

So all 6 of us lay silently sweating in our separate bunks with our body pulsing to the beat from the bar downstairs and our heads ringing from the sirens and noise from outside. All 6 of us tossing and turning..pretending we are asleep. But its 3 am and no one has been able to get a wink. Thats when my day dreams of Italian came in to play.

But Italian and his friend left this now Sterlyn and I are hoping for.. AUSTRALIANS

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Kelly said...

You should market the Fiona Diet. I'm so nauseous from reading that I might not be able to eat for a few days.

Susu said...

I made the mistake of eating my lunch while reading your post about Fiona. Kelly is right!
(PS it WAS a hamburger)

Alex said...

that Fiona sounds GROSS. Italian does not sound gross. I approve. However, Australians would be even better because they are crazy with hot accents. I expect stories!