Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hello Lovelies. I'm back state side!
Im not too thrilled to be back considering I was darting around the little island I love most, living the dream for 2 weeks. As they say money doesnt grow on trees so I'm back until I can afford my next trip across the pond.
What an expensive hobby I have.

I thought i'd humor you with a little Q &A of the frequently asked questions upon my arrival.

What was your favorite part of the trip?
Its hard for me to pick just one because I felt like I was living a dream the entire time. Everything was fascinating. Everything was beautiful, the weather was perfect and I was surrounded by British accents. It was Christmas morning for 14 days.  But if I had to choose it would be meeting up with my students, hands down. Getting to squeeze their little cheeks again and hug their faces just made my day entire year. They are so energizing and are a refreshing reminder of why I do what I do.

What was your least favorite part of the trip?
Coordinating everything. I am so laid back and not into plans so when it came to deciding where to eat lunch it was a 10 minute ordeal.

and the BIG question

how rockstar?
Well lets talk about that one. La busy being a rockstar. and when i say busy i mean...too busy. (he already gave me permission to publicly out him for his stupidity) But he has good reason so I forgave him and so should you! He's also just as sad about it as you are and begged for forgiveness and promised to make it up next time.

I was home 36 hours before I was back in the airport. Im addicted to them I think. A heathly addiction but an costly one. Now I'm in Illinois with the fam.

Today my cousin and I took the converti to Tanner Orchard, a haven for everything apple. The apple donuts are scrumptious and the apple cider was delicious.

But the best trick of the trade was the APPLE CIDER SLUSHIE!
Ummmm, Yes please!
We are just having so much fun with uninterrupted girl time. My cousin is one of my favorite people on this planet and I never get to see her! Stupid husbands getting in the way (not mine, but hers) . Just kidding her and her husband are adorable check out their blog.

I hope your summer is filled with fun adventures.
Until next time (or until I get my England pictures uploaded)
la beast

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