Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i love my life. i just love it

Yesterday was my favorite day so far. I got to see my students I taught in England back in 08. I arranged to meet at a Pizza Place in town and anyone who could come was invited. Not sure about how many would turn up I was still excited to see my little lovelies. I was walking in the town centre and I hear little voices shout from across the street "Ms TERRY!!!!!!" I turn to look and a herd of 13 year olds are bolting my way!

I was brought to tears I was so excited/happy/overwhelmed that 15 or so of my former students would take time off in their summer holiday and some even take a train from the town over to see me!! Oh my goodness I couldnt stop smiling...still cant. I am the luckiest teacher to have such loving wonderful students. I am so happy. OH I am so so so so soo HAPPY!!! despite our tearful goodbyes. I am so. happy.

(lets play a game...its called...find ms terry)
some of the boys snuck off when we were trying to take the picture which makes me a bit sad

and I was even more excited to see my co teacher Nicola. She let me barge in and take over her classroom and we got on so well. She is so fantastic and her and her handsome husband are so adorable its ridiculous.

Afterward Nicky took Ster-fry and I up to Windemere, where I lived abroad, and we got to show her the ridiculous cottage and of course the lake!

I question why I left such a beautiful place

Ster-fry and I are LOVING our time up north. The city is great fun but up north is where its at. :) Relaxing and beautiful

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Jennifer said...

no one can ever forget miss terry!!