Friday, July 30, 2010

England: Bath

In the middle of our 2 week adventure we train-ed it over to Bath. Built by the Romans in the year 43, Bath used the natural hot springs in the area for public bathing. 
It has a beautiful city centre with temples, bath houses and beautiful gardens. 
Home of Jane Austen and the mother of the founder of Brisbane Australia. 
isnt that exciting?

The charm of the architecture is what I admire so much about Europe. Im bothered by our lack of creativity. By our money hungry mind set. Time spent on creating beautiful buildings is money wasted and so Americans just throw bricks together and call it a day. Move on to the next project. 
The house I grew up in was awesome....but the house 5 doors down was the same only a different color. This bothers me. 
Mainly because my neighbors already knew my hiding spots in hide-n-seek


Erny said...

WOW. Beautiful architecture. Didn't know Bath can look like this.

I would love to go to Rome some day. They have some kick-ass architecture and history there.

Bree said...

Wow, this place is beautiful. If only buildings still looked like that..

Emily said...

sorry I'm like hopping all over your blog, I saw the 'england' tag and couldn't resist. I adore bath. love love love love love x 10. I have almost the same exact picture as you do on the top up's a gorgeous view, and I adore that little park in the last picture.
I would love to live here. London was nice, obviously, but Bath has a certain kind of charm.