Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 days

Im alive!!!


In the next 10 days I will be
- throwing an awards ceremony
- packing up my classroom
-grading projects and final exams
- packing up my house
-attending a bridal shower
- turning 25
-attending an engagement party
- going on 2 interviews (hopefully more)
-applying for jobs
-writing a maid of honor speech
-giving a maid of honor speech
-attending my best friends wedding
-moving back to dallas 
-working out?

Needless to say I wont be back on blogger until June. But while you are waiting for my return here is a quick glance at my last weekend/birthday celebration in Austin.

My friends threw me a lovely picnic at the park with all of my favorite things and even surprised me with the sassy shoes I had been wanting! 

But the best surprise of the weekend was Ms Lindsey Brown showing up on my front doorstep 2 months early from LIBERIA. I pounced on her. I am going to miss these lovelies. 


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Brother

Happy 23rd Little Brother!

I think the best birthday gift I could ever give you is an apology....for being the terrible older sister. So here it goes.
Im sorry for.....

  • not letting you hang out with me when you wanted to
  • forcing you to dress up when we were little
  • forcing you to be my student while I played teacher
  • always crying on your birthday and throwing a fit because your birthday happend first even though I am older
  • giving you a box of cotton for christmas and then laughing at you
  • getting PISSED because you gave me a box of cotton the next year
  • yelling "FIRE GET OUT OF THE HOUSE" while you were in the shower and then locking you in the bathroom on April Fools.
Despite all of those know I love you right? and Im so STINKIN excited to see you this weekend!!

Your terrible big sis

CJ de Mayo

This past weekend we had a fiesta to raise money for my friend CJ's mission trip. 
God showed up. It was AWESOME.

But we also played fun games including one of Laurel's all time faves... watch below

and she ASKED to play this game. 

If you don't believe God answers prayers...Ask me about what happened at CJ de Mayo :) :)