Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Brother

Happy 23rd Little Brother!

I think the best birthday gift I could ever give you is an apology....for being the terrible older sister. So here it goes.
Im sorry for.....

  • not letting you hang out with me when you wanted to
  • forcing you to dress up when we were little
  • forcing you to be my student while I played teacher
  • always crying on your birthday and throwing a fit because your birthday happend first even though I am older
  • giving you a box of cotton for christmas and then laughing at you
  • getting PISSED because you gave me a box of cotton the next year
  • yelling "FIRE GET OUT OF THE HOUSE" while you were in the shower and then locking you in the bathroom on April Fools.
Despite all of those know I love you right? and Im so STINKIN excited to see you this weekend!!

Your terrible big sis

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Alex said...

I love that he is standing next to a llama in this picture.