Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 days

Im alive!!!


In the next 10 days I will be
- throwing an awards ceremony
- packing up my classroom
-grading projects and final exams
- packing up my house
-attending a bridal shower
- turning 25
-attending an engagement party
- going on 2 interviews (hopefully more)
-applying for jobs
-writing a maid of honor speech
-giving a maid of honor speech
-attending my best friends wedding
-moving back to dallas 
-working out?

Needless to say I wont be back on blogger until June. But while you are waiting for my return here is a quick glance at my last weekend/birthday celebration in Austin.

My friends threw me a lovely picnic at the park with all of my favorite things and even surprised me with the sassy shoes I had been wanting! 

But the best surprise of the weekend was Ms Lindsey Brown showing up on my front doorstep 2 months early from LIBERIA. I pounced on her. I am going to miss these lovelies. 



Alex said...

aww what a sweet birthday party!

Jennifer said...

aww, i love you and glad that you have lots of amazing people in your life!!

Erny said...

hey taylor! just checking in. happy birthday to you again! x