Sunday, March 29, 2009


just incase your text message needs labeling....and in some cases it does...

Flirtexting [flir tekst ing]

The art of flirting via text message.


"Quit flirtexting with boy and get back to work!"

I swear I came up with this on my own

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Bet Part 2

Little student from 8th period who made the bet got the answer correct.

Now I must go an entire class period without talking....might as well throw that lesson down the drain.

why did i do this?


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bet

My class is taking a test tomorrow morning. I want all of them to get A's. Some may say it's not realistic(...and they are probably right) but it's worth a try. Therefore, I have been working my tail off to make sure they are prepared for the test. 
At one point today there were too many students up and walking around the room while I was talking. They were just wandering around. No goal in life...just roaming. Um excuse me? Im talking/teaching sit down!

So the sarcastic person I am responded to this situation with an exaggeration. I use exaggerations a lot. For example I have been known to say "Just because Ms Terry is talking to another student in the hall is no reason to throw a party in the room! Get quiet!" 

Today I look around the room to find students wandering to get tape, roaming to get paper and I get a little frustrated. I stop mid sentence and say "WHY ARE THERE 40 point Billion PEOPLE ROAMING around?" They freeze. Then of course leave it to "David" to again call me out.

"Ms Terry? 40 point billion is not a number....." The class begins to point and me.

Later I am reminded of a Dane Cook skit (    :) thanks Shannon)

We eventually get back on track to review but they begin talking again.
"Guys! I am giving you information that is on a question on your test. You are all talking and are all going to get it wrong!"

"Garrett" calls out from the front of the room. "NO Ms Terry I am going to get it right!"

"Awesome! DO it!" I happily respond
"I will make you a bet. If I get it wrong I have to shave my head"

"If I get it right you have to.....dye your hair blue"

ummmm no. I put the X on that real quickly

"You have to......teach all of 8th period in a chicken suit!"

ok this sounds hilarious. I am totally down "Alright, if you bring in the chicken suit"

"Oh man!" Garrett responds. "I dont have a chicken suit"

He walks away from my desk feeling defeated. Five minutes later he approaches me again. 
"If I get it have to teach the entire class period.....WITHOUT TALKING."

I accepted this challenge. I will let you know how it goes......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sigh. Like I dont even know how to begin this post. I dont even know what to title it. I dont even know my own feelings at the moment. 
Today could very well be the most mmmmmmm, lets go with......embarrassing day? its not really embarrassing....its just like "did you really just say that?" kind of day

Let me take it back for you.

7th period. My teeniest/soft spoken student "Karen" comes up to me. She frequently comes up to  tell me about her thoughts or feelings. For example
"Ms Terry, I am feeling really anxious"
"Ms Terry, We have 7 minutes of class"
Sometimes I will glance over at her during class and she will tilt her head and point to her watch slowly 3 times with her index finger as a reminder of the time. 

Well today she came up to me with her newest comment. 
"Miss Terry I dont feel good. I have allergies. Do you have allergies?"
"No Karen, I do not have allergies"

She looks at me wide-eyed and puzzled.
"well then what are all those bumps on your forehead?"

what? did she really just say that? wtf?!?! how am i supposed to respond to that! ARE YOU KIDDING?

I giggle for a second. and when I say giggle I mean I just breathed out a burst of air in shock. I again look around for other witnesses (none thankfully) and race to find something to say. 
I decided honesty was the obvious choice.

"Well KAREN!" Its called a lady blemish....AND if your LUCKY you will get them too when your older!"

GAHHHHHHHHH- Im too old to have 23 yr old breakouts! Im already short! I dont need facial interruptions to aid in my looking like a student.
What I really wanted to say was "the bumps are caused by stress every time you creepily point at your watch from the corner of the room!"
silly "Karen" 

Monday, March 23, 2009

House Hunting

Kelly and I ran into this hidden treasure whilst house hunting today...
(only in Austin)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Today I hissed at my student

I knew this day would come. It was only a matter of time. Living in a new city where I know NO ONE its hard to have conversations with people over the age of 12.
Let me refresh your memory on 12 yr old conversations

"Miss! Rachel stole my pen!"
"Where do I turn this in?"
"I don't have a pen OR a pencil OR paper OR anything I was supposed to bring to class"
"Miss! Robert switched my chair!"
"I didn't do it!"
"Miss Terry? Have you seen my pencil?"

oh my goodness. The last one just kills me. 
"Have I seen your pencil?" 
"Have I SEEN YOUR PENCIL?" Are you kidding me????
"It is unsharpened, long and yellow with a pink eraser?"
"Yes ma'am"
"GAHHHH! There's a million of them floating around here! LOOK WITH YOUR EYES!"


Well today I was in a super weird mood. It was the Friday before spring break and wild banchees decided to come to school today instead of my precious 6th graders. I was anxious to get work done yet didnt want to teach at all. The kids definitely picked up on this and purposefully acted even more banchee-ish. 

It was right before lunch. The students were working on missing/make-up work and one of my faves (if I'm aloud to have faves) came to write on the chalkboard. He did not have permission and frankly I wanted all children the farthest away from me as possible.
I turn around to "David" signing his autograph multiple times on the chalkboard.

"Umm Excuse me! What do you think you are doing?"
"Miss Terry! I'm just writing you a note!"
"No. No one said you could come write on the board. Go sit down!"
He continued to write on the board "But Miss Terry!"
I cut him off with my quick, sudden, out of nowhere, harsh "HISSSSSSSSSS"

I immediately looked around the room for potential witnesses. I was relieved when I found the monkeys climbing on chairs and tables, stealing and hiding each others pencils rather than paying attention to me. 
Now all I had to worry about was David. Did he hear me? OR was I THAT sneaky? Was my hiss loud enough? Maybe he didn't hear me. I HOPE he didn't hear me. I saw my short-lived career flash before my eyes. 
I stare anxiously at him waiting for his reaction. He continues perfecting his signature on the board when all of a sudden he stops.... mid-signature. 

Uh oh. This is it. He heard me AND processed it.

David pulls the chalk away from the chalkboard but continues to look it. "Um....Miss Terry?"
He now slowly turns his head my direction.
"Yes" I respond with a cringe yet trying to act like nothing happened.
"Did you...Did you just hiss at me?"

CRAP! what do I do? OMG OMG...can I blame it on something else? What else in the room sounds like an angry cat? A chair screeching  across the floor? no. that wont work. An electric pencil sharpener? maybe...but probably not.

I give in. I decide to admit with confidence "I absolutely did. Now go sit down or I will do it again!"

David puts the chalk down and scurries off to his seat.

Rumors have no doubt been going around the school by now about how Miss Terry hissed at I am just waiting for a parent phone call. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Cross your fingers!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Lora

To my beautiful cousin, 2o years of wonderful memories with you. Love you beyond words...

Fortune Cookie

My first day at work the ladies on my team took me out to lunch at Hao-Hao (totally fitting for a chinese restaurant b-t-dub) It was wonderful and fabulous but the most exciting part was the fortune cookie.

Now I know the picture is not focused and you cant read it but my normal camera is out of batteries so we are left with the iphone camera.

It says....and I quote "The one you love is closer than you think"

WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!!? PRESENT YOURSELF.....please :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brother has talent

I stumbled upon this today and forgot how much I love this ad my brother did during the presidential campaign last year.

How powerful is that?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Razzoos, Tattoos

Also while at Razzoos, we ordered the "Hurricane"

Is the umbrella that comes in the drink supposed to look like it went through a hurricane????

Prank WAR

So I'm pretty sure it was a hate-hate relationship I had with my 6th graders on Friday. They had a lot of work to do before the end of the 6 weeks (Friday) and WOULD NOT stop talking. I was so frustrated that I started handing out detentions left and right. I GAVE THEM 7 warnings, waaaay to many. 
The funny thing is, I started calling out people for detentions and the little punks CONTINUED TALKING! 

Man, it wasn't a good day.

So I peace out early to head on over to Razzoos (happy hour was invented for teachers). Kelly and I went the Friday before and discovered that is where all the attractive men work and we should become regulars. I else are we going to meet people? I talk to 11 year olds all day long!

Anyway. I found a little surprise waiting for me on my car.


Don't worry. its just a 6th grade prank involving a thin layer of GLITTER sprinkled on my windshield wipers. Too bad I noticed it before I even turned on the car.

is it acceptable to start a prank war with your students? ITS ON!

Energy Projects

I am grading my students energy projects that were due Friday and I just wanted to share.
Part of the assignment was to write a song/story/poem about one of the energy sources.

This is what I find.

"Hydroelectric, it uses kinetic energy to go through a tube.
If you dont beleive me, then your a noob"

And in the midst of grading 120 projects in one day, it made me smile.