Friday, March 13, 2009

Today I hissed at my student

I knew this day would come. It was only a matter of time. Living in a new city where I know NO ONE its hard to have conversations with people over the age of 12.
Let me refresh your memory on 12 yr old conversations

"Miss! Rachel stole my pen!"
"Where do I turn this in?"
"I don't have a pen OR a pencil OR paper OR anything I was supposed to bring to class"
"Miss! Robert switched my chair!"
"I didn't do it!"
"Miss Terry? Have you seen my pencil?"

oh my goodness. The last one just kills me. 
"Have I seen your pencil?" 
"Have I SEEN YOUR PENCIL?" Are you kidding me????
"It is unsharpened, long and yellow with a pink eraser?"
"Yes ma'am"
"GAHHHH! There's a million of them floating around here! LOOK WITH YOUR EYES!"


Well today I was in a super weird mood. It was the Friday before spring break and wild banchees decided to come to school today instead of my precious 6th graders. I was anxious to get work done yet didnt want to teach at all. The kids definitely picked up on this and purposefully acted even more banchee-ish. 

It was right before lunch. The students were working on missing/make-up work and one of my faves (if I'm aloud to have faves) came to write on the chalkboard. He did not have permission and frankly I wanted all children the farthest away from me as possible.
I turn around to "David" signing his autograph multiple times on the chalkboard.

"Umm Excuse me! What do you think you are doing?"
"Miss Terry! I'm just writing you a note!"
"No. No one said you could come write on the board. Go sit down!"
He continued to write on the board "But Miss Terry!"
I cut him off with my quick, sudden, out of nowhere, harsh "HISSSSSSSSSS"

I immediately looked around the room for potential witnesses. I was relieved when I found the monkeys climbing on chairs and tables, stealing and hiding each others pencils rather than paying attention to me. 
Now all I had to worry about was David. Did he hear me? OR was I THAT sneaky? Was my hiss loud enough? Maybe he didn't hear me. I HOPE he didn't hear me. I saw my short-lived career flash before my eyes. 
I stare anxiously at him waiting for his reaction. He continues perfecting his signature on the board when all of a sudden he stops.... mid-signature. 

Uh oh. This is it. He heard me AND processed it.

David pulls the chalk away from the chalkboard but continues to look it. "Um....Miss Terry?"
He now slowly turns his head my direction.
"Yes" I respond with a cringe yet trying to act like nothing happened.
"Did you...Did you just hiss at me?"

CRAP! what do I do? OMG OMG...can I blame it on something else? What else in the room sounds like an angry cat? A chair screeching  across the floor? no. that wont work. An electric pencil sharpener? maybe...but probably not.

I give in. I decide to admit with confidence "I absolutely did. Now go sit down or I will do it again!"

David puts the chalk down and scurries off to his seat.

Rumors have no doubt been going around the school by now about how Miss Terry hissed at I am just waiting for a parent phone call. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Cross your fingers!

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alexterry said...

Haha, thats hillllarrrious tay, Nice time bark out loud at them, and then walk like a chicken maybe?? :-P CANNNT WAIT TO SEE YOU SUNDAYYYYY!