Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sigh. Like I dont even know how to begin this post. I dont even know what to title it. I dont even know my own feelings at the moment. 
Today could very well be the most mmmmmmm, lets go with......embarrassing day? its not really embarrassing....its just like "did you really just say that?" kind of day

Let me take it back for you.

7th period. My teeniest/soft spoken student "Karen" comes up to me. She frequently comes up to  tell me about her thoughts or feelings. For example
"Ms Terry, I am feeling really anxious"
"Ms Terry, We have 7 minutes of class"
Sometimes I will glance over at her during class and she will tilt her head and point to her watch slowly 3 times with her index finger as a reminder of the time. 

Well today she came up to me with her newest comment. 
"Miss Terry I dont feel good. I have allergies. Do you have allergies?"
"No Karen, I do not have allergies"

She looks at me wide-eyed and puzzled.
"well then what are all those bumps on your forehead?"

what? did she really just say that? wtf?!?! how am i supposed to respond to that! ARE YOU KIDDING?

I giggle for a second. and when I say giggle I mean I just breathed out a burst of air in shock. I again look around for other witnesses (none thankfully) and race to find something to say. 
I decided honesty was the obvious choice.

"Well KAREN!" Its called a lady blemish....AND if your LUCKY you will get them too when your older!"

GAHHHHHHHHH- Im too old to have 23 yr old breakouts! Im already short! I dont need facial interruptions to aid in my looking like a student.
What I really wanted to say was "the bumps are caused by stress every time you creepily point at your watch from the corner of the room!"
silly "Karen" 

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