Monday, March 2, 2009

Prank WAR

So I'm pretty sure it was a hate-hate relationship I had with my 6th graders on Friday. They had a lot of work to do before the end of the 6 weeks (Friday) and WOULD NOT stop talking. I was so frustrated that I started handing out detentions left and right. I GAVE THEM 7 warnings, waaaay to many. 
The funny thing is, I started calling out people for detentions and the little punks CONTINUED TALKING! 

Man, it wasn't a good day.

So I peace out early to head on over to Razzoos (happy hour was invented for teachers). Kelly and I went the Friday before and discovered that is where all the attractive men work and we should become regulars. I else are we going to meet people? I talk to 11 year olds all day long!

Anyway. I found a little surprise waiting for me on my car.


Don't worry. its just a 6th grade prank involving a thin layer of GLITTER sprinkled on my windshield wipers. Too bad I noticed it before I even turned on the car.

is it acceptable to start a prank war with your students? ITS ON!

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