Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bet

My class is taking a test tomorrow morning. I want all of them to get A's. Some may say it's not realistic(...and they are probably right) but it's worth a try. Therefore, I have been working my tail off to make sure they are prepared for the test. 
At one point today there were too many students up and walking around the room while I was talking. They were just wandering around. No goal in life...just roaming. Um excuse me? Im talking/teaching sit down!

So the sarcastic person I am responded to this situation with an exaggeration. I use exaggerations a lot. For example I have been known to say "Just because Ms Terry is talking to another student in the hall is no reason to throw a party in the room! Get quiet!" 

Today I look around the room to find students wandering to get tape, roaming to get paper and I get a little frustrated. I stop mid sentence and say "WHY ARE THERE 40 point Billion PEOPLE ROAMING around?" They freeze. Then of course leave it to "David" to again call me out.

"Ms Terry? 40 point billion is not a number....." The class begins to point and me.

Later I am reminded of a Dane Cook skit (    :) thanks Shannon)

We eventually get back on track to review but they begin talking again.
"Guys! I am giving you information that is on a question on your test. You are all talking and are all going to get it wrong!"

"Garrett" calls out from the front of the room. "NO Ms Terry I am going to get it right!"

"Awesome! DO it!" I happily respond
"I will make you a bet. If I get it wrong I have to shave my head"

"If I get it right you have to.....dye your hair blue"

ummmm no. I put the X on that real quickly

"You have to......teach all of 8th period in a chicken suit!"

ok this sounds hilarious. I am totally down "Alright, if you bring in the chicken suit"

"Oh man!" Garrett responds. "I dont have a chicken suit"

He walks away from my desk feeling defeated. Five minutes later he approaches me again. 
"If I get it have to teach the entire class period.....WITHOUT TALKING."

I accepted this challenge. I will let you know how it goes......

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