Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I hate being responsible sometimes. Most of the time I'm not. My horrid memory and immaturity make it impossible for me to exhibit such qualities. But there are a few instances when my responsibility dominates my decisions. It comes in out of no where. no warning. no invitation. Like my decision  NOT to go to France with la rockstar and his band. What was I thinking? Was this a responsible choice, la beast? NO just a plain stupid one!
A week on the beach. Play all day, rock out all night. Who wouldn't want to be a groupie for a week? Those of you who answered "not me" are clearly the responsible ones.
So now I'm here in Texas (not France), with the rain, and all the bugs that found a new home in my home while I was gone, scrubbing the bathroom and getting texts from la rockstar like "im laying on the beach, wish you were here"


alright la rockstar. hold on just a minute while I...double over in pain from the electronic stab you just sent me! stupid text. a nice text, but an annoyingly painful one.

Today I sit reflecting on the word "responsible". Was it responsible for me to get on that plane back to the states? Due to money, time, safety,...blah blah blah. Or would it also have been a responsible decision to get on a plane from England to France? To experience life, other know worldly things?

You don't have to say. I already know. 

la beast

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