Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet Nokia fromm 1999

Guess who got a new phone! And guess who's really pumped about it
When options were presented on replacement iphones I responded with "I want the oldest phone you can give me"
and thats exactly what my mother did. She opened up her drawer of tricks and whipped out my new best friend Nokia. 
I mean if we are going to go throwback here....might as well go waaaaay back.
She doesnt even have snake
Total Vintage.

I mean GUYS, listen! she signs off every text with "ttyl cool beans" and only types in AlTeRnAtInG CaPs. Its almost as if I never left 7th grade. 
But my Nokia has game, just like her momma. When you think she cant get any better, she pulls one on ya and busts out a new trick. Thats right...she has a keyboard! Man Im rollin now.
Except I got a little too excited about my new bffe NoKiA and...
good news about phones made prior to "smart" phones. They can drop/fall in water/get run over by a bus and never miss a beat. Instead they just get a little confused, forget what decade they are in, and reset their clock to when the phone was made (circa 1999)

I cAnT wAiT tO SpEnD tHe NeXt 4 MoNtHs wItH NoKia!

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Caroline Henley said...

hilarious! way to do it right.