Tuesday, October 5, 2010

running optional. sunlight necessary

I haven't seen the light of day for a couple weeks lately. And when I say that, Im not being sarcastic. I literally get to school at 7am and leave past sundown. My classroom has no windows and I go all day without feeling or seeing the sun beaming in and experiencing this beautiful fall weather.  

But working all weekend has payoffs. I got to leave early today. Gasp! (Thats where you were supposed to act shocked and do a little gasping of your own) I left by 5! YAYAYAYAA

So I treated myself to a workout. I went all out and headed to Town Lake. If youre gonna do it, might as well bounce like a baller 
did that make sense? 
not really. 
oh well

It just put me in such a better mood. 
Sunlight, what a cool cat

I love my city. I love outside. I love fall. I love running outside. I love God for all of those things.

Happy October!
MY FAVOURITE (british spelling of course) TIME OF YEAR

1 comment:

Erny said...

I would love to run around the Town Lake. It looks so serene.

Glad you get to leave work at 5. Sounds like you've been working too hard. Enjoy the beautiful fall.