Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meet Pearl!

oooo PEARL oooo

Thats right ladies n gents. 
I'll be bolting celebrity style from now on trickin up Austin with the classiest girl around, Pearl
She is dainty and sweet but knows how to Holla! 
She only plays my favorite songs on the radio aaaaaaaaand she can play my ipod static free. 
We've already fallen in love. 


Marti and Alias danced around town with us yesterday and we went on a scavenger hunt. Pearl is flirty and makes friends real fast. Holla!

We've been discovering Austin all day and now were off on our first lil roadie to Dallas. 

Have a glorious and beautiful weekend.
Pearl and I will be thinkin about you!

la Beast


Erny said...

Hahaha! I can tell that you are giddy in love with Pearl. I'm like that too when I bought my first car. Have great fun!

Ian said...

looks good! fits you well