Friday, June 18, 2010

What I love about Austin::: {Barton Springs}

Abra my loveable roomie came home today for 24 hours! Where was she?
Its ok to make fun of her. In fact PLEASE remind her that she is oh (looks at watch) 23 YEARS OLD and needs to stop hanging out with 12 year olds on her 2 months away from 12 year olds (yes she is a teacher my school)

So I might have personal motives considering Im lonely and Im freakin obsessed with Abra and want to be in her presence always. So the more people that give her a hard time for going away to summer camp, Parent Trap style, the better.

I was counting down the days until she came home and it motivated me to clean the house. It looks ballin. 
Today, La Russian  picked Abra and I up and we crossed another -Vacation in Austin- hot spot off of our list. We went to Barton Springs. It was perfect on this sweltering day. The natural spring was cool and refreshing..and did i mention cool. 

Abra and I will definitely become regulars...oh wait....not until next summer when she decides to be in her 20's again and we start ligering around Austin in search of young professionals. That is if I make it back from England. (15 days!)

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as me
la beast

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