Thursday, August 13, 2009

"la BET"

I saw my adorable personal trainer today "la-dorable" and he asked me about how I did the last week with my diet.
L-a: "So how did you do this last week?"
me: "I....dont want to tell you"
L-a: "You have to tell me!"
me: "All I'll tell you is that I was on vacation since I last saw you....and it might have included lots of cheeseburgers"
L-a: "TAYLOR! how many? lots? geeeez!"
me: "it may or may not have been.....5"
L-a: almost fell over in pure shock and heart failure "Ok so what did you eat today?"

me:" I dont want to tell you"
L-a: looks at me frustratingly
me: "corn"
L-a: "what do you mean corn? like thats what you ate for lunch?"
me: "yea"
L-a: "like frozen corn"
me: "no like from a can"
L-a: "WHAT? You had corn from a can for lunch"
me: "THATS ALL I HAD!!!" I whimper. "IM SORRY IM POOR"

So with that....and the fact that my legs are comparable to an elephants trunk at the moment. I decided no more cheeseburgers.

Thats where Bjones comes in.

I tried to think of a nickname for him but he is just Bjones. Here were some considerations "la fun" "la flake" and "la stud" After a long, heated, mental debate (between "la flake" and "la stud" I decided to go with "la-first time I met him he made me a white russian and it was disgusting" aka "la white russian" or "la russian" for short.

In order to help both of our aging waistlines we have come up with an encouraging process to help us stay clear of our unhealthy vices.
"La Russian" and I have made "la BET"

1. First one to eat a cheeseburger loses
2. First one to have Mexican food MORE THAN ONCE within a two week time period...loses

IF "LA RUSSIAN" loses then he must come to Austin and country dance without writing a cheat sheet on his hand. He doesnt like to dance country. He prefers the ballet.

IF "LA BEAST" (me) loses then I have to read ALL of the Harry Potter books. Ok. those of you who know me know....I dont read. and when I do it isnt that HP nonsense. Everyone I talk to thinks I would LOVE it but quite frankly....i probably would. I just dont have the time nor do I have the desire to get trapped into a land from far far away. one with castles and wizards and magic and broomsticks. thanks. and guess what- i wont read it because

Ill keep you posted.


Brian said...

White Russians are almost as delicious as cheese burgers & mexican food. I think I'll have one now.

Alex said...

I love you, but I hope you lose because you really need to read Harry Potter. I am currently re-reading all of them.