Monday, August 3, 2009

The way a movie should be watched

Ok I had to follow that post with something a little more cheerful.
Last night I was taken to the RITZ theatre in downtown Austin. It was stinkin fantastic!

We arrive to find an enormous line all waiting to see the same move "Funny People". The boys told us to hold on a second and left Jordan and I waiting out front. A few minutes later they return poking their head out the other set of double doors (the one with out the line) and notion us to follow them SKIPPING the LINE. Once inside this old theater there is a lady waiting for us by a door with a circular window that states "Employees only". We follow her as she carries this bucket of champaign and four glasses through the kitchen to a back staircase, up 3 flights of stairs, through another theatre, into the projector room and then finally to our VIP seats in the balcony!

In the balcony were four gigantic leather RECLINING seats that extend to FULL HORIZONTAL position screaming our name. We had our own personal waiter delivering us 2 pitchers of Sangria and my 5 year old kids meal.... chicken strips (i bet you thought I was going to say cheeseburger...but I had one for lunch remember!!)

We decided our only complaint is that they should also have soft blankets waiting for you because I was FReeeeeeeeeeEEEEEZING.

It will be hard to ever watch a movie in a theatre normally again.

Movie Review: Long, hysterical, surprising. See it.

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jennifer said...

LOVE the new layout. L-O-V-E you!!!