Friday, August 7, 2009

So....I lied

I ate another cheeseburger....

but Jen MADE me. She said 
"They are so good, people stand in line for them...and New Yorkers don't wait around for anything"

So of course I can't pass up a cheeseburger, especially one with such grand reviews. 
We mosey-ed on over to Shake Shack and stood in line for maybe 30 minutes?? I lost track of time due to the full entertainment of people watching. 

It was quite scrumptious I must say. And the reason I love it so much was the portion size. Little burger for a little girl :)
We all know that I can eat the Texas size monstrosities they pull down South but my waistline is also becoming Texas Size. Yikes!

Then we went to Central Park and played in the city. Pictures of that will come later.
But for now

Isn't she pretty?

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