Tuesday, August 18, 2009

am I normal?

ok. no...on many levels. but im not talking about "is it normal to have an unhealthy craving for cheeseburgers?" or "is it normal to not have read or seen ANY movie relating to the Harry Potter royalty?" because clearly...no its not normal.

I have a little more serious of a ponder I'd like to bring to the table.

"La-dorable" took my measurements today. I have been putting off this day all summer. There is something about the concept of no daily routine that makes all previously established routines disappear as quick as left over birthday in the teachers lounge. And this routine I am talking about??? The routine of healthy eating.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at the painfully crowded gym at 530, "La-dorable" asks about my eating habits. We have friendly banter back and forth when I explain that I am not able to share due to my full awareness that his "La-dorable muscles" are quite larger and stronger than mine. Yikes! He has been wanting to take my measurements for a while now, but I keep postponing in hopes of a full week of no cheesebugers or cupcakes.

So today was the day. It was inevitable. The time has come to face reality and get back to my previously established routines of consistent eating and consistent training. The numbers werent horrible...but they werent record breaking either. I demanded "la-dorable" give me a tough work out...and I quote "I want to be sore tomorrow".

Famous last words. Might as well say "Hey could you just go ahead and dangle me from a moving vehicle, making sure I hit the ground? Thaaaanks so much!" But in all honesty, I haven't felt sore since my last workout with "Sugar Slice" in June.

So "La-dorable" busts out the work out of all time including but not limited to: squat to row, planks, push ups, lunges with shoulder press, plain shoulder press, weird side arm things, jumping on boxes and burpees. HUZZAH.

I didn't complain once and even thought I was a champ until something happened out of the norm. As I finished my last set thus completing the most strenuous workout to date, I started to.....cry. not a lot. and not by choice. I started to involuntarily....cry. I know you may think its a girl thing but I really was not sad nor mad nor was it any other girl timing mishap. I just....cried. This isn't the first time I have shed a tear after a rigorous workout.
what the heck is this? I laughed in uncomfortable awkwardness because I could not control it.

So is it normal? "La-dorable" classified it as a release. I could see that.

Anyway....thought it was interesting. More interesting than my teacher training sessions I've been in all week, but I won't bore you with another story.

Good Niiiiight. I cant wait for tomorrow!

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