Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh Venice! Oh Venice!

24 days until I am darting around England causing a raucous with Ster-fry (and Daphne)
Its about time I get my act together and start planning. With the way my memory has been these past couple months Im just lucky I remembered that I needed to plan!

Yesterday I tore my house to shreds looking for my passport. I drove all the way to Temple to my old car looking for my passport. I had my parents rip their house to shreds looking for my passport. 
Guess what??!
I will scurry over to the official passport maker place tomorrow and see what kind of maneuvers I can pull. 

I didnt find my passport but I DID find a GOLDEN TREASURE. I found some of my old writing. Silly stupid poems that I wrote on a train in Italy Summer 2007.  This piece is classic (and long..sorry).
It is about my 18 hours in Venice. Enjoy!

Oh Venice! Oh Venice! 
What a memory we have.
Thinking back on that day,
all I can do is laugh!

When I first saw you, 
I knew it was love.
But when it was time to leave you,
I had had enough.

It was your charm and character that drew me in,
Canals, gondolas, and Italian men

First we began, 
on a good start,
but after 18 FUN FILLED hours 
I was ready to part.

Hungry as ever we went to have lunch
By your beautiful water, on a pizza I'd munch.

Ready to shop the 7 of us went
But poor and frustrated inside I would pent

Money was a problem...
because I had none
My ATM card was broken,
Something HAD to be done!

A few tears later, and a call to my dad.
He called the bank, now things weren't so bad.

Time to split up- 
be back quarter to six
Emily, Melissa and I 
walked around and took pics

We spent most of our time
 in St Marks Square.
With thousands of tourists,
 you I would share.

When we met up,
 new friends Lindsey had found.
With Dan, Joey and Brad
 we were gondola bound!

The 10 of us split
 into 2 boats,
For forty-five minutes on your love
 we would float

It was perfect and relaxing, 
I didnt want it to end
but another 25 Euros on you 
I could not spend

So back to St Marcs Square to feed the birds
An unbelievable sight! Pigeons flock in HERDS!

Hilarious it was, 
a sight to be seen
With your dirty pigeons on me
 I had to scream

Ready to leave and wash my hands
the group of us pondered on our new plans

So a party of 10 we went to eat.
That seafood restaurant of yours was hard to beat.

That is when the vino began to flow
Comfortable and talkative began to show

The next stop was crucial,
of course a wine store!
By the end of the night, 
we would come three more!

Hanging out in your square, 
under your stars,
Nothing can compare
or come close to par.

Now this is when it gets good 
Are you ready to listen?
The next several hours 
is why YOU Im not missin'

You are complicated and confusing with ferries and trains
My worries and frustration to you I would refrain

By 10 oclock 
we all had to be back
But for 2, a watch they needed 
and obviously lacked

They were 10 minutes late 
we decided to go, 
Only 5 girls now, 
The others location unknown.

The ferry was full 
so we didnt get on
When we got to the station 
our train was long gone.

"Why dont you have trains running all night?"
Is a good question I wonder.
It's just not right.

So stuck with you we are until 5am
Its a miracle we survived and are still sane.

back to the square we begin to WALK 
Worried about Jenna and Melissa we start to talk.
"If they are in the hotel sleep and sound...
tomorrow their heads in we will POUND!!"

Ha Ha we were just kidding, 
dont get your panties in a twist.
No, I probably would have tried, 
swung and missed.

We get there, its late, the creeps are out
Two 40 yr old men hit on Laura, no doubt.

Finally we move 
but the destination far
Too tired to go on...
We stop at the BAR!

That is when you introduce us to your local boys
Smoking, laughing and making lots of noise

Flirt with us they do, 
while playing a game of spades
Conversation and jokes
 is all we would trade.

Continuing our journey, 
to the station we head
When a sight of Rialto Bridge, 
by its beauty we were lead.

After a good peaceful break 
we decided to truck
But nothing could erase, 
the fact that we were stuck.

At least, I felt safe, 
on your bridges and roads.
It was during that hour. 
our wine buzz would corode.

When we got to the station we were not alone
For several other homies call it THEIR home.

We were clearly,
 the new kids on the block, 
The others had blankets, 
and even a cardboard box!

Cold, sick and needing some cover
to the doors we bolted one after another.

Of course they were locked,
more time with you we spent
I would have killed for some warmth 
that you never lent

Looking around, 
Natalie moseyed through the trash
A treasure she found, 
that none of us would bash.

Extra trash bags we stretched 
over our legs
The others were jealous
 but never did beg

For TWO hours we lay 
waiting for it to open.
When it finally did, 
there was cheering and whoopin'

5 AM came
and ended our time
It was worth it I guess, 
because I made this sweet rhyme

Oh Venice! Oh Venice!
It is You I love and hate, 
But to be honest, to come back, 
I just cannot wait!

la beast

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Erny said...

Love the poem! haha. Nicely done, Taylor!