Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day, Faja

I know everyone else thinks their dad is the greatest but no one elses dad is as kind, selfless, generous, loving, intelligent, entertaining, handsome, understanding, goofy, hard working, corny, forgiving or as involved as my father. For an earthly father...he is as good as it gets.  He is the definition of a man...a gentleman, and I hope future babies daddy (aka a husband) is every ounce of a father to my children as my father has been to me. 

My dad always answers my phone calls... even if he is in a meeting...just to make sure everything is ok. He never raises his voice. He thinks he is so funny that he laughs at his jokes before he reaches the punch line (thats where I get it from). If you think of the most obvious thing in a situation, my dad will turn it into a corny joke. When I tell him " are being corny" he responds "How corny? Corn on the cob? or creamed corn?".....Told you.

Before work in the morning my dad would kiss me on the forehead and wish me a "great and groovy day"until the day I moved out. He attended all of my soccer games, choir concerts and dance recitals and anything else I made him go to ;). He has a very distinct cough, sneeze and a clearing of the throat. Brother and I have imitations down to a T. He is a mentor and a friend. I can turn to him for anything.
So maybe Im bragging...
just a bit...
maybe thats what I wanted.

I love my daddy!

(Forgive the terrible quality of the photos. I sent brother on a mission today to find pictures and email them to me......He took pictures of the pictures.....with his iphone....then emailed them. Oh Brother)

Sorry I couldnt be there with you this weekend to hug your neck and tell you how great you are!
Ps . can I have some money?

la beast


Whitney Neu said...

this is too cute...your daddy is the best. I miss you mr. terry!!! haha....I remember the very first day I talked to you. It was a phone conversation and went something like this...

Mr. Terry: Hello
Whitney: Terry there?
Mr. Terry: Well...this is the Terry residence
Whitney: Ohhhh (thinking in her head..."blonde moment") I guess her name is Taylor. I'm her future roommate and read the paper wrong
Mr. Terry: No...she is out of the state visiting family but I will have her call you when she gets back home in a few days.

but...what can I say...Taylor thought i was an Asian...does Neu sound Asian???

Love and miss the Terry family!!!

Anonymous said...

-Love Danielle