Sunday, June 20, 2010


I had some great quality time with my girl this weekend. We hit the road Friday night and headed to the coast. The top was down the whole 3 hours and I soaked in the cool summer night. The stars lit the way on the small country roads and with the summer smells I felt like a kid again. 

We all know that Pearl is perfect, but little Pearl Girl had been hiding from us her best secret of all! 
She has Satellite Radio! 
The previous owner is so stinkin' wealthy that he is still paying the monthly or yearly fee for Sirius. 
Ill be taking full advantage of that until he figures it out :)

So we drove listening to the tunes from the 50's and 60's where I pretended I lived in that much simpler time. 


Erny said...

I love the antique-looking photo of you!

Erny said...

Oh, by the way... I didn't mean that you are antique-looking = old. Just the antique feel of the photo. ;p